Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I don't understand...

Last Thursday was a really tough night at work. One of my first calls of the night was a man who called in because his friend had shot himself, probably the night before. I'm not sure why, but it bothered me more than most "someone's been shot" calls. Most that I deal with have happened right then and there's a chance that we can get help out there. This guy was obviously gone, and the caller had was really upset. And then during the course of the night, I heard of 4 other deaths. Two were in a car accident, and two were kids that died in a house fire. One of my last calls of the night was another "someone's been shot" call, only the caller couldn't have cared less. He actually didn't know someone had been shot till probably 4-5 minutes in to the call because we had to convince him he needed to go find out what the problem was. He called and said "they told me to call 911 because someone's dying, but I don't know what's going on." Then he said something about a lot of blood, and then something about a seizure. I had the fire department on the line and together their operator and I convinced the guy to go find out what happened. When he said that someone had been shot, the fire department asked the caller to get clean dry towels to put on the wound. He said "No, I don't want to get involved." I was astounded. And then he yawned in our ear. Apparently he couldn't be bothered that his neighbor was dying.

Then more details about the two kids that died in the fire came out. It was a smoldering fire in the walls of an apartment complex. The two kids (9 and 3) were left alone while their parents went to work cleaning offices. They are being held for suspicion of negligent homicide, and child abuse and neglect . The thing that bothers me most is the first the fire department or police department heard about the fire was AFTER the kids were pronounced dead at the hospital. A neighbor said that he heard the fire alarm, smelled smoke, but when he got no response after knocking on the door, he did NOTHING.

When and how did we become so apathetic???

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