Saturday, August 12, 2006

Claude the Cloud

Today my 9 year old was doodling random objects and naming them, and she came up with Claude. Then she started making up a story about how Claude was very sad one day, and how he dealt with being sad (she was just coming home from her counseling appointment.) Her story was very cute, and she was very excited about it. So she and I have set out to write a children's book about Claude. We've already clashed on artistic differences. She insists on using the word had whenever she uses the past tense. "He had asked the teacher..." And of course, she's in 4th grade, so she knows ever so much more than me, because I don't even go to school! I thought that bit didn't start till they were teenagers?!

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~*Yuki*~ said...

That's funny! I wish you the best of luck with your book! And when it gets published i'll look for it! I hope you and your daughter work out your artistic differences!
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