Thursday, August 24, 2006

Excited and nervous

I got word at work last night that I will be in the next radio (or police dispatcher) training class, it starts on October 9th. I requested this, because I want to make sure I have marketable skills should I decide I want to move out of Arizona (I am considering it as a long term goal.) I figure if I can dispatch here, I can dispatch anywhere. On one hand, I'm very excited about it. It means more opportunities even if I stay here, more flexibility in scheduling, and a pay raise. I find it very interesting on that side of the room :) On the other hand, I don't know that I'm fully recovered from 911 training and that was almost 2 years ago! It's just very intense, and radio training has the potential to be worse. It's about 6 months worth of training. One of my friends went through it recently and seemed just overwhelmed a lot of the time. She said "I just hate feeling like I don't know what I'm doing. There is no time there to not know what you are doing!" And there's so very much to learn. Sometimes I doubt I have what it takes. But I know I have to try.


Terra said...

You will do awesome.
You have tackled every challenged you've been faced with recently.
And if you can answer 911 calls... you can dispatch. I bet you already know a lot more about the job than you think you do.

mouse said...

I'm sure you will do fine Connie. Anytime you are learning something new especially a job it is nerve wracking wondering "Will I be able to do this". I think this is very normal but just remember the skills you have already learned to be able to do the job you are doing now. And while you are going through the training don't be so tough on yourself, they know you are learning and don't expect you to be perfect at first.

fylcon said...

Don't worry Connie, you may find this difficult and a challenge, but you've risen to and met every challenge in your life. I think you can do this :)

Connie said...

Thanks guys :)

At least with radio training, I still have 911 if I can't handle it, and thus I still will have a job :)

I wouldn't be the first person who didn't get through radio training, and if I don't I'll try again at a different time :)