Wednesday, August 30, 2006

falling way short of the mark

So I'm struggling with that whole compassion issue again. I've been convicted yet again by music - this time the song is The Face of Love by Sanctus Real. Part of it goes like this:

And You are the face that changed the whole world
No one too lost for you to love
No one too low for you to serve
So give us the grace to change the world
No one too lost for me to love
No one too low for me to serve

And then I read posts like this at Morning Coffee. Oh my do I ever fall short. When the lady called last night from the Circle K and said she was afraid of the homeless person who just approached her and asked her for money, I could empathize with her. But then she got in her big SUV and drove away, and was perfecty fine. The homeless man was likely not. Why do I have to remind myself to care about those less fortunate sometimes?

There's a lady that goes to my church, and I really don't understand her. In 2001, a man walked into the HOA meeting where her mother lived and began shooting. Her mother was killed. The man was caught and stood trial. This lady from my church was at every hearing. I would have been too. But as I would have been there praying for justice, she was there offering him forgiveness. And since then, she's gotten involved with bringing that message of forgiveness to prisoners. She's made it her ministry, and it is now her life's passion. I don't understand. Crime touched my life and now I really have no patience at all for people who are so willing to take things from other people, as I mentioned in this post. Christ loves those people too, aren't I called to do the same?

Then at Seek first His Kingdom, there was this post, and now I'm thinking I'm having such a hard time changing my mind and keeping it changed, I'm praying for God to change my heart, because I don't think I can do it by myself.


Kansas Bob said...

What a thought provoking post. Thanks for starting my morning off with that excerpt fom "The Face of Love" ... it is so powerful!

Julie said...

This week I heard an interesting phrase: "God's Grace-Your Choice"

I find that I cannot give away what I don't already have. And the only way to get the love and compassion I need is to cry out to the Lord for it.

So, I make the choice to ask the Lord to make me willing, and to put His love in my heart. He then amazingly does the work of pouring His compassion into my heart.