Saturday, August 05, 2006

feeling awkward

The other night at work I got a 911 call where I immediately recognized the name that popped up on the screen as one of my friends from my church. I work with her in the nursery quite a bit and I used to go to a bible study with her. She said "My neighbors are shooting off fireworks and I'd like the police to come by and ask them to stop, I'm afraid they're going to catch something on fire." Oh cool, it's not anything horrible I thought. So I said hello to her, told her it was me, and then proceeded with the rest of the call. We're trained to check the premise history when we get an address, and so I did. I was kind of surprised to see it, but there was more than one domestic violence call, and the most recent one was an emergency call. I waffled a little bit, but then decided to look at that last call. She's my friend and I care if she's being hurt. Well I pulled it up, and it was her husband that called because she slapped him. I knew they were having problems, but I didn't know it had involved the police, or that she was the one doing the hitting. I'd never say anything to her, but now I feel kind of awkward, kind of like when you walk in on someone changing and see things you weren't meant to see.

And, I wonder if she'll be mad at me, because unless something's actually on fire, we don't respond to fireworks :P

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