Saturday, August 19, 2006

A reason for everything?

Tuesday was pretty awful before the accident happpened, and then once it did my attitude got really bad and stayed there for a while. I confess I was whiney, impatient, and selfish. I am sorry for my sinful behavior following the accident.

I was at work for 4 hours of a 12 hour shift last night, until the pain in my neck and shoulders got to be too much (Hitting an almost still object at almost 50 MPH is going to have some pain involved!) While I was there though, I took quite a few accident calls. Each time I heard someone say "I've just been in an accident" I cringed a little because that impact is still so fresh in my mind. There was definitely a difference in how I responded to the human being on the other end of that phone line. Not that I was ever apathetic to those people, but accident calls had become routine. There was a new compassion and caring there, and I think I needed that. Now, following that logic, I really don't need to be shot or have a loved one get shot, because I really am a compassionate person! Just now I don't think I can think of a car accident as routine.

So maybe God didn't allow me to be in this accident because I had something to learn, but He can bring something good out of it, besides teaching me patience :P (which obviously I need to learn!)


mouse said...

So sorry you had an accident but really glad no one was badly hurt. You should maybe go get some muscle relaxers for your pain thought. I've never been divorced but I know they must be really hard, so many mixed emotions have to be involved. I will be thinking about you.

Connie said...

Thanks Mouse. I did go to the doctor today and got some muscle relaxers and pain meds. He also said to not go to work until Tuesday. As much as I really do love my job, I don't mind a little break!

As far as the divorce goes, I don't have mixed emotions on if it's the right thing to do or not. That much is very clear. The mixed emotions come when I remember what I once thought was good, but even that was a facade. Even from prison he's still trying control things. Thanks for the thoughts, the next month or so could be very difficult so please keep them coming. Thank you Mouse!