Friday, August 11, 2006

Recent reads

I tend to read a lot because I can do almost whatever I want between calls. When I'm not reading, I'm beading, or pacing back and forth so that I don't fall asleep :P (Working nights is HARD! But one does what one has to do.)

I finished Bad Ground, by W. Dale Cramer a few weeks ago. Good book, I recommend it. Jeremy is a 17 year old high school student who becomes an orphan when his mother dies of cancer. She leaves him a note that tells him to go find his father's brother, because the both have something to give other that nobody else can. Perplexed, Jeremy sets out to find his uncle and is forever changed. My favorite passage was when the main character Jeremy was talking to one of the other miners about sharing his faith and how you really can't tell anybody anything unless you've walked a mile in their shoes, otherwise they won't trust you. The older and wiser miner says "Even Jesus couldn't make his deciples understand what He was saying until after he got crucified and raised from the dead." Jeremy responds, "yeah well, I don't think I'm exactly dealing with disciples here if you know what I mean." 3 weeks later, the response of the older miner still lingers in my brain. He says "It could just be, if the people around you ain't disciples, it's because you ain't Jesus." Definitely one of those light bulb moments!

I also read Welcome to Fred, by Brad Whittington. I recommend this one too. A nice blend of humor with enough there to leave you thinking about well after you're done reading it. It's one of those stories of how and when faith becomes real and personal to the child of Christian parents (or in this case, a preacher's kid.) I loved this definition from the very first page! I have a couple of teenagers who hang around my house a lot, so I see his point!

Adolescence: Insanity; a (hopefully) temporary period of emotional and mental imbalance. Symptoms: mood swings, melancholia, rampant idealism, insolvency. Subject takes everything too seriously, especially himself. Causes: parents, raging hormones. Known cures: longevity, homicide. Antidotes: levity, Valium.

Living with Fred is definitely on my Amazon wish list :)

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Brad Whittington said...

Yo, Connie, thanks for the nice works about "Welcome to Fred." I"m glad you enjoyed it. I see you're in AZ. I lived in Scottsdale for 3 years. Moved out in 2000.

Hope you get a chance to read the other Fred Books. They get better as they go, you know!