Monday, August 28, 2006

Some friends of mine

I added a new link list on my page, called May Friend's Blogs, and I wanted to tell you about these friends.

10 years and 2 weeks ago (give or take a few days) a new life was created. 10 years ago, the internet was a new and crazy idea for a lot of people, but I was hooked. So I did what any normal internet addict would do - I started visiting pregnancy sites. I found one that was a bulletin board kind of deal, and from there I heard about a website were you could join email lists that were populate by other people who were due to have babies in the same month. Sounded fun, so I decided to give it a try, and joined the may97 list. I didn't realize those few clicks to get to the website and those few keystrokes to subscribe to the list would change my life forever. And mostly in a good way ;)

There were moms (and a dad!) from all over the world, friendships were made, and bonds were formed. We talked about birth options, doctor visits, weight gain, swollen ankles, and what labor is like. As May 1997 approached, we had a couple of moms deliver early, some WAY too early. We waited together for the next post from Ginny and Colleen to hear how their micro-preemies were, always hopeful for good news, but always a little afraid of the bad. And then we waited for our own big day, when we could hold our own babies in our arms and share our experiences. The conversations changed then to feeding methods, diaper choices, schedules, going back to work, and the joys of getting up to change diapers at 3am. We had our fair share of disagreements, some that required asbestos underwear, but those that stuck it out became more than friends. We became family.

Yes, that email list is still going strong. I'm not sure how many we started with, but we've still got over 100 members. Now the discussion is about anything and everything, and we still have our disagreements. As usual, religion and politics always have the potential to stir things up a bit, and this is quite a diverse group of women (and a dad!) Families fight sometimes, but families are also there for each other, and this is very true of this group. These are the people that have helped support me through some of the toughest times in my life, and I have great respect for each and every one of them.

So May Moms - You've each been a blessing to me and I love you!


maurinsky said...

Despite my contrariness, I can offer no disagreement to this post! I don't know what I'd do without the May Moms, and I'm pleased to count you as a friend.

terra said...

I must say - Maureen is right, my friend.
My life is much better because of the May Moms.

liana said...

And the best part is, that from that little mailing list we've come a long long way.

*hugs* to everyone!