Monday, August 07, 2006

week 3

I am beginning week 3 of this get healthy thing. I took the weekend off from riding the bike, but still tried to watch what I ate. That was hard though, as we had a birthday party to go to. Still I never gorged myself, or felt really full, so I'll take that. I wasn't even tempted to overindulge in food, I think because I realize that I'm really hurting myself when I do that, and I need to quit being so mean to me. This morning I did. not. want. to. exercize. I did it anyway. Today I rode farther than I have been riding, in less time, and I wasn't nearly as winded as when I started, and my legs aren't screaming. Nor is my butt from that seat (butt callouses? :P) The bad news is I think my son is going to start riding his bike to school because he landed a part in the school musical Godspell, and rehearsals are after school. The sweet boy doesn't want to make me use the gas in going back to school to pick him up. So, I think it's time to find me a bike.

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