Monday, August 14, 2006

week 4

I can't believe it's week 4! At work we have this nifty map that has a lot of fun little tools, including a tool to measure distances within the city. So last night at work, I figured out that my friend Becky actually lives 1.38 miles away if you take the foot bridge, so when I rode to her house and back last week, it was actually more than 2.5 miles that I rode. Yay me! No wonder I felt all blobbery when I got back (not to mention it was 100+ outside!) Today again, I really didn't want to. I really wanted to sleep. But I rode anyway. This time it was a little less than 2 miles, according to the map at work. I don't know that I've lost any weight (confession time - a breakfast burrito from Armando's followed me home from work on Saturday! It wasn't my fault! But, I only ate half of it :P) but even still, I know it's making some difference because today even though I was hot and sweaty and tired, I didn't feel so blobbery for quite as long. I will keep at it.

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