Monday, September 11, 2006

The 9/11 quilt

These aren't the best pictures, but they're what I have of the September 11th Memorial Quilt. The columns represent the towers of the World Trade center, and the names of the police and fire fighters that died are embroidered on the white pieces that make up the column. You can't tell it from this, but the back drop of the whole thing is an American flag. There is also a plane on there, and the little pieces of colorful fabric on the lower right hand corner of the one picture is to represent debris, of the building, and shattered lives. It's just huge, like more than 10X20, but I don't remember for sure what the dimensions are. It was done by a group called Reap What you Sew out of First Christian Church in Phoenix. It's a quilting group that both teaches and serves - when you make the blocks that they teach, and then donate some back, they make them into quilts for ill children and adults. I'm very happy I got to be even a little part of this very special quilt. I believe it's hanging up somewhere in New York.

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