Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dinner options... or not...

In the middle of making dinner, I realized that someone had broken the bottle of soy sauce that I had, so I had to quickly improvise to make use of the pork and rice I had already cooked for fried rice. As I was pondering this dilemma, sweet wonderful 6 year old Snugglebutt says:

"I know! Lets go out for pizza!"
"Sure, if you are paying for it" I tell him.
He gets all excited and says "Ok! But we have to use your money..."

Wow, is all I can say...LOL


Pajama said...

That is too cute!! But he's right, you can't have rice without soy sauce!

mouse said...

Snugglebutt sure is a cute little guy, his comments always make me laugh.

Julie said...

Hey, what's yours is mine, right?

Erna said...

Too cute! Connie, I've been here a few times and struggled with leaving a comment (likely due to beta blogger). Anyway, I wanted to thank you (a long time ago) for visiting my blog. It finally dawned on me to use the Other/Anonymous field. So, here I am late in words but I've been here to read several times.

I thought this comment was very cute! Kids say the most interesting things, don't they?

Also, I loved the quilt you shared for 9/11 and other posts along the way. I'll be back to visit again. Have a great day!