Friday, September 29, 2006

Good day

Didn't get out of bed till 10.
Cooked a huge brunch and had all the kids together for a meal, which is kind of rare.
I made eggs, sausage, hash browns, and french toast with caramel sauce, banana slices, and whipped cream... oooooh!
Lounged around till 3ish, then decided to go shopping at an outlet mall about a half hour away.
Was able to get my 17 year old a pair of Levis for $14! They are really nice jeans too. I am so not good at finding good deals, so I was thrilled.
Got my 6 year old a hooded sweatshirt from Gap for $12.
Got my 9 year old a pair of pants for $8.
Got balloons shaped like worms with silly faces on them, and the kids are having a blast with them. Got each of us a chocolate mint truffle. Chocolate mint is my drug of choice - it immediately creates a calm peaceful feeling :D

Tomorrow morning I put the 17 year old and 14 year old on a plane to Ohio for a week. It will be quiet, and I'll spend a lot less at the grocery store, but I will miss them. If you feel inclined to pray for travel mercies, we'd appreciate it. :)

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Julie said...

LOL ~ What an interesting life you've led. Just decided to toss those shoes & socks, eh? Too funny, though not at the time, I'm sure.

I'm SO sorry about your mom. Isn't it amazing how God turns us into the very thing we didn't have? YOU are an amazing mom! At least from what I know of you here. Your love for your kids is very evident.

And just think, in one year you'll be looking back and seeing how far God has brought you. Yes, GOD IS FAITHFUL. I'm so grateful for the Lord, and I can tell that you're right there with me.

I've tagged you for a meme...hope you'll play along!