Thursday, September 07, 2006

I must be nuts

Like I need something else to care for... except I can't not care for her, soooo... meet Chloe, who is hanging out with us until/unless we find her family.

Update: Darnit all anyway, this is one of the sweetest cats I've ever seen. She's affectionate and friendly and has a great disposition. We are still a bit nervous after having one kitten die in a very frightening way about 6 months ago, and Snugglebutt had a nightmare that this kitty had a seizure too. So there is still some trauma involved, but we're hopeful that this will be a better experience.


terra said...

She's very cute!
Come on - another cat isn't that bad as long as it does it's business outside!!!!!

Hazel said...

She is adorable - one more can't hurt :-)

Julie said...

Awww...she's adorable! You're not nuts...just big hearted!

(Bet your kids are lovin'this!)

liana said...


As a cat lover I can only say that you did good, both for Cassie and for the little kitty. The kitty is very cute and she could turn out to be very loving, after all she knows you provided what she most needed and she can return that with love

Connie said...

So far, this little girlie seems very very sweet, and very cuddly. I admit the silly little thing has stolen my heart. After our experience with the last kitten being very unfriendly and then dying so young, and how upset my daughter was, I was very reluctant to say yes. But so far so good, and yes, the children are over the moon :)

Anonymous said...

Connie, there's a special place in heaven for people who befriend strays! That's a cute cat and it sounds like she's already bonding with Cassie. Go for it - adopt her.

One of my most-favorite cats was named Chloe! I had her for about 11 years. We had to put her down last year, age approx. 18 yrs, on suggestion of our vet because of some serious health issues. We were ALL sobbing that evening. - Nina