Monday, September 18, 2006

kid brag

My 9 year old is amazing. She just really is. Do you know what this child did over the weekend, without being asked? She cleaned up the yard, pretty much by herself. She pulled weeds, she raked up palm tree mess, she raked up pine needles, she redistributed rocks (gotta love desert landscaping :P) and aside from the 6 year old pulling a weed or two, she did it alone. Without being asked! She took it upon herself to do what needed to be done! I start to wonder what alien abducted my child and replaced her with this... freak of nature... but no, you know what? This is totally something this child would do. Every now and then, she just knocks my socks off with something above and beyond anything I expect from her. She rocks.

Of course, her clothes are still sitting unfolded in the laundry basket I asked her to take care of... But she's not an alien after all :P


mouse said...

Sounds like your daughter is a wonderful child. My two boys are like that but my daughter, geez she got in trouble on the bus last Wed. got wrote up, we got on to her and dang if she didn't get in trouble on the bus again today. This time the principle called and she is suspended from the bus for 3 days. Seems she doesn't know how to sit down on the bus or be quite going over railroad tracks and she has a terrible obsession with flirting with the opposite sex right now (she is 14). I am ready to pull my hair out. We have at least one neighbor come over nearly daily telling us about Lacy's latest antics so right now she is grounded to her room for 3 weeks and as of tonight there is no TV, stero or distractions in her room. If she doesn't have homework she will copy pages from her science book. I know this seems harsh but if I told you everything this child was doing you would just not believe it. Well yea you work at the police station so I guess you would believe it cause you probably see it or hear about it all the time. A mom from the GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) came over tonight, she is concerned about her 14 year old son and my 14 year old daughter. Her son is grounded also. Cherish your child, you are a lucky one.

Julie said...

Now don't you just love it when they surprise you in a GOOD way?

God bless her, what a little helper girl you've got there!

lori said...

She sounds like a great kid. You have done a wonderful job. My 9 year old son is about that wonderful. He has never took it upon himself to pull weeds with me asking him to. I think I better have him read this post. : )