Monday, September 11, 2006

Snaps and snails and puppy dog tails

The 6 year old told me today that he knows how he was made. Now, I've not thought he was ready for the topic of human reproduction just yet, but I have answered whatever questions he has asked, so I was gearing up in my head for THAT conversation. But when I asked him how, he said "first, you get some sugar, because I'm really sweet..."

Hmmm. Indeed. But sometimes it's so hard not to laugh!

"...Then you take some flour, and some water..."
"Flour and water?"
"Yeah, that's for my brain." Really?! Who knew?!
"And then what?"
"Then you gotta add eggs. To hold it all together."
"Makes sense."
"But we can't forget the sour apple and the crab! Because sometimes I'm not sweet at all, and sometimes I'm crabby..."
What an astute observation!
"But those things don't go in my brain."
"No? So where do they go?"
"Remember? I'm a crabby butt!"

Hmmm, maybe this is why I had a hard time in anatomy and physiology!

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lori said...

How adorable! You are a blessed mom. This was a good read.