Monday, September 04, 2006

Sweet things kids say

I don't want to divulge my kids names on my blog, or post pictures of their full faces. Part of that is because of what we went through during the abuse of my 9 year old. People were being sent pictures that were totally G rated snap shots, and making them into sexual things. As a result, I don't want my kids images or identities out there in cyberspace. So I'll come up with nicknames for them. I still have to come up with something for the oldest two, but the 14 year old is DQ, for Drama Queen. I don't mean this in a negative way, she's in theater at school, and she was the white witch last year in her school's play. She is known for her over the top performance and vocal projection *ahem*. The 9 year old, I'll call Sassy. Only because when she was a baby, that's how she said her name when she first learned to say it. And well, it DOES fit. The 6 year old boy, I'll call him Snugglebutt. He has not outgrown climbing up in my lap and snuggling with me. Praise God.

So, Snugglebutt has been listening at school, at least a little bit. Yesterday he said to me "Tomorrow is the day we celebrate the workers! We're going to celebrate you!" I thought that was very sweet :D So then he said "So mom, will you take me to the store so I can buy you a cake? And can I borrow some money?" Love that boy!

We're headed out to Colossal Cave for the day, so time to get off my posterior end... Happy Labor Day :)


terra said...

That Snugglebutt of yours- he's something else! ;)

Connie said...

Yeah he is! But we're still trying to figure out exactly what... :D