Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: What I am thankful for this week

I'm thankful that my oldest daughter seems to be ok even though the lymph nodes in her neck are swollen beyond belief. All tests have come back normal, so now it just seems to be an annoying mystery! I'm thankful that's she's 21 and pays her own medical bills! :P Umm, did I say that out loud??

I'm thankful that my 9 year old is doing well in the recovery from the abuse she suffered. For right now, she's doing well enough that she doesn't need to be in counseling. We know she will need help again at some point in the future because each new developmental stage brings new understanding and new things to deal with, but for now, she's where she should be. She no longer sees herself as worthless, this is a HUGE thing and a very big blessing.

I'm thankful that God still finds a way to get through this hard head of mine, even if it is freaky dreams that scare the daylights out of me ;)

I'm thankful for a little break today - All of the younger 4 kids are staying after school today, so I have an extra hour and a half to get my wits about me. The bad thing is that I will have to sleep before work and I won't get to see them much today, but the weekend is comming.

I'm thankful I got a little more sleep today than usual. Still not enough, but more than I have been. Working nights is a very big challenge for me right now.

I'm thankful for vacation from work coming up in a week and a half!!! I do love my job, but those vacations are desperately needed!

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eph2810 said...

I am so glad that you got some more sleep. I don't get enough - I know that, but there is just so much to do when I get off work...
I am glad that your oldest daughter's test didn't come back positive and that your younger one is doing okay.

It must be hard for you to raise them on your own and I admire you for that.
Maybe we will meet in October :)

Julie said...

My oldest son had the swollen lymph glands once; our doctor said his body was simply fighting an infection. I can't remember if he got antiobitics for it or not.

As for your 9-year old, thank God for the power of prayer. If you don't already have it, get Stormie Omartian's book "The Power of a Praying Parent". It has helped me pray through many a difficult situation with my kids.

And more sleep? Sign me up! So glad you're catching up.