Sunday, September 24, 2006


Sorry, didn't mean to hurt your ears... yes, I was screaming it! I AM SO GLAD!!!!

Last night was another of those nights. I don't plan on using this space for work stories (and there ARE some interesting ones out there!!!) but this one might give you a clue as to my frame of mind when I left work this morning knowing I DON'T HAVE TO BE BACK FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!!!

Things that crossed my mind, I'll put in [brackets.] This story is of course edited for language that should not be heard by human ears.
Me: 911, what is your emergency?
Caller: Yeah, there are people in a black Expedition or Explorer shooting at cars.
M: Ok, where?
Caller gives the intersection and name of fine upstanding liquor establishment in rough part of town
M: Ok, are they shooting right now?
C: YEAH MAN! They just shot a hole in a black Honda Civic!
M: So they're still there?
C: YEAH MAN!! They're SHOOTING man! You guys need to get here man!

So I question him further, and he says that these people robbed him, pistol whipped him, and shot a hole is his car. His car was the Honda. At first he told me he was still there, then I asked where he would meet the police.

C: NO WAY MAN! I'm not talking to the cops! I don't want to get arrested!
M: Why would you get arrested, they robbed you at gun point.
C: Cuz I'm driving drunk man!
[Oh good grief!]

So I convince him he needs to talk to police, and I ask him where he's going to pull over.
C: Man, I'll just go back to the bar! There better be a cop there when I get there!
M: I don't want you to go to the bar! I want you to find a Circle K or somewhere else where the officers can meet you.
C: No Man [ok, I am decidedly NOT a man!] I'm going back there, and if he's there, man, he's gonna pay for my car! I want my money back!
M: Sir, THEY HAVE GUNS! Do you have a weapon?
C: No man! But I gotta get my money back! They shot my car!!!!
M: But your life is worth more than your money or your car. DO NOT GO BACK THERE!
C: I don't care about my life man! They shot my car! They took my money!
M: I said do not go back there! (as firm and as calm as I could possibly be)
C: I'm already here! There they are!!! They're in a white Expedition....
M: I thought you said they were in a black Expedition
C: They were. Now they're in a white Expedition. Man, I'm going to get my money back!

At this point, he quits talking to me and starts arguing with someone, but leaves the line open so I can hear everything. Oh my poor innocent ears! After a few minutes he gets back on the phone and says:
C: They just pulled a gun on me again!
[Ok, duh, you are calling someone's girlfriend bad names and you know these people have weapons!!! Is it ROCKET SCIENCE?!?]

So he says the suspects left and after a few more minutes the call disconnects. I am NOT calling him back.

About a half hour later....
M: 911, what is your emergency?
C: Yeah, my car was shot at earlier, now I'm following the people that did it. They're in a brown Bronco, and man, they got a rifle! They pistol whipped me and stole my money man! (yes, that's right, it's the same guy.... Can I go home sick now?)
So he's chasing these people, who may or may not be the people that shot his car, but he probably would never know because he's way too drunk! He would ***NOT*** listen to my instructions not to chase, or anything else I had to say. He was deterimined to take it out of someone's hide, and he literally did not care about his own. They finally park, get out of their car, and yes, point a gun at him, because again, he's yelling at them insulting their girlfriends.
[Must. Not. Hope. They. Shoot. Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Now, can you see why I need a vacation?! :D

Note: As one of the officers put it, 80% of the people out there are perfectly nice, responsible human beings. Those people make up about 20% of our callers. The other 20% of the people are the ones who are out there being stupid and failing to recognize their own responsibility for the drama in their lives, and those people make up 80% of our callers. It's the 80% from the 20% that keeps so many of us employed, and the 20% from the 80% that make it worthwhile. And it really is worthwhile.


Grafted Branch said...

Wow...exciting life. Sorry you have to see the sludge at the bottom of humanity on a regular basis though.

I don't know much about it...only that it's there (my dad was a police officer in Dayton, Boston and Tempe when I was young).

I surfed over here from ...from...oh, how did I get here? I can't remember. Was it Brenda at Rocking Chairs and Rainbows?

Anyway...nice to "meet" you.

mouse said...

You do come across some crazy people connie. I wouldn't be nearly as good at that job as you are because I don't have a lot of patience with idiots. ENJOY your vacation, you deserve it.