Saturday, September 02, 2006

What kind of blogger are you?

I thought this was great!

From Ragamuffin Soul :

So I have been catching a vibe lately around the blogoshphere. There are camps forming. A few camps.

The Evangelists
These are the zealots. They preach blogging like Salvation may be found. They check their stats a few times a day. They blog multiple times a day. They convert one new blogger a day. A lunch will not be had without some pitch about blogging being able to change ones life. From the very core. They know more about your life than you do. They Digg everyday. They YouTube everyday. They comment on 20 blogs at a time in order to stay in the loop. They read blogs only in RSS readers. More than likely, they have had a marital argument about blogging. I am one of these.
Hello. My name is Carlos. And I’m a Blogger.

The Believers
These are the blogging faithful. They believe that there is TRUE community in this stuff. They post almost everyday. They comment a lot. They try to grow their blogs. They try to actually have relationships. They pick up the phone and CALL other bloggers. They see the future of communication existing in a large way through blogs. Probably to their fault. But none the less, they blog. Their motto is, “Blogging is fun, Blogging is phat, Link to me, and I’ll link you back.”

The Seekers
These are the back row Baptists. They are blogging every couple of days. They look at the blogging believers like they are nuts. They play it safe and keep it pretty narrative in their posts. They wonder what is it about this blogosphere that can help them. They definitely don’t want to be like the Evangelists, but maybe becoming a believer wouldn’t be so bad. They READ blogs daily. Searching. For something. They feel involved when in “Blogging Conversations”. They don’t think blogging is fun. They still have a MySpace. It is almost a chore. But they blog.

The Lost
These are the ones who still ask…”Whats a Blog?”

The Atheists
These are the ones who feel persecuted by the bloggers. “Why must they (bloggers) ALWAYS talk about it? They must have watched You’ve Got Mail one too many times.” They will NEVER blog. They will NEVER read a blog. They make fun of all who do. They make me nervous.

Me? I'm a Believer! (why do I have a sudden urge to sing Monkee's songs?)


Paulette said...

How funnyyyyyy. Did you write this yourself?? It is awesome.
I am a believer LOL, I love to read blogs and not the same ole ones that is boring I like newby's as well. I enjoyed your blog alot.
Have a blessed day.

Connie said...

Nono! I did not write it, my name is not Carlos! :) It was orignally posted on Ragamuffin Soul. I just thought it was fantastic and wanted to share it.

Thanks for visiting :D