Sunday, October 08, 2006

Graffiti - another lesson in compassion?

Yesterday I discovered that someone had gang tagged on my garage door. You usually don't see that on houses themselves, but on walls and signs. It's pretty widespread here in this very large city, even in the brand new very expensive areas. But they came right up to my house, and wrote on my garage door with permanent marker. I was pretty steamed. I started to think "hmmm, maybe it's time to move!" My son's bike was stolen out of my (open) garage last fall, my oldest daughter's tires were stolen off of her car in April, and now this. And whoever did this! GRRR! I'd like to catch the little punk and... and... and what? What am I going to do to some gang banger that tagged my house? Turn him over my knee and give him a good spanking? But it's MY HOUSE! Let them ruin their own stuff, and leave mine alone! But... is it really my house? Sure, I make the payments, and we do need shelter, but it's another one of those things that sometimes gets in the way of seeing Christ for who He really is. I started to consider what causes kids to join the gangs that are responsible for so many of these crimes. Drugs are a big part of it for sure, and kids having bad home lives where they are abused or ignored. But the root of it all is evil. How do you combat evil? There's only one way that I know of - Christ. When I discovered the graffiti, my attitude was definitely NOT to turn the other cheek and let them graffiti that one too. Somehow I don't think the correct response is to pack up and move. Tonight I'm going to pray for the person who wrote on my garage door. Is it wrong to also pray for his Sharpie to dry up?


Grafted Branch said...

Love it! Sometimes our best witness comes in the midst of injustice or adversity. I hope the tagger gets caught so that he can experience your Christ-like concern for him.

In the meantime, absolutely pray that his Sharpie dries up! lol!

mouse said...

I don't know connie I would really be pissed off for a bit. Good that you can look at it the way you do and pray for the guy. It would take me a good long while to get to that point.

Erna said...

Great way to turn around your attitude and pray for the guy. I can't blame you for feeling upset. I chuckled at the thought of praying for the Sharpie to dry up . . . God can work miracles. ;0) We had someone shoot at our front window, of our old house, with a paint ball gun in the middle of the night and it freaked me out (b/c I thought someone shot at our house with a gun). It took me a while to get over thinking about how some people have no respect for other's homes/property.

Julie said...

Hi Connie~
What a pain!

Guess you could add some graffiti of your own...right next to what's on there. Write "I'm praying for you!" LOL Then when they bring their buds around to brag, they'd all see it.