Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm a dork, but I've got some nice kids

It was cloudy all day, but the clouds started breaking up in the late afternoon. The two kids that are here at the moment (two are in Ohio, one was at work) wanted to get out of the house for a bit, so we did. As we were driving around, I realized that we were going to have one gorgeous sunset today, so I decided to go get my camera and find a place to take some pictures of this awesome sunset I just knew we were going to have. We headed to this park that we used to go to all the time, where there are mountains. I thought for sure I'd be able to get an excellent view somewhere in the park. But ummm, the entrance to the park is on the east side of the mountains... do you see the problem here? The only sunset picture I managed to get today was one I snapped for the fun of it. We were traveling east bound, and I took a picture of one of my mirrors and the sunset behind us. But we decided to go up the mountain a little anyway, even though all of us had on either flip-flops or sandals. Totally NOT the right shoes for hiking up mountains! We used to hike this mountain all the time, but haven't been there much since March 1st, 2004... Sassy and Snugglebutt were all over that mountain, flipflops and all. I got up maybe about half of the first part of the climb, which is rocky and uneven. After that first section, it's all paved, but the particular part where we were was not. Because I was afraid of falling and breaking my neck or other parts I'd rather not break, I decided that we should probably head back down (it was NOT because that mountain was kicking my butt and I was huffing and puffing... really. It was the shoes. It WAS! Don't look at me like that!) The kids made me promise to take them back a different day when we were all wearing better shoes. They both started running ahead, but I could still see them. At one point Snugglebutt, the 6 year old boy, came back up to where I was and held my hand. "Mom, it's ok, I'm here, you don't have to panic." Who's panicking?? I was just stepping carefully so I didn't roll down the mountain. (I'd hate to have to call 911, you know? 911, what's your emergency? Yeah, I fell down North Mountain and... Connie?! Is that you?!? Yeah. How'd you do that? Ummm, I was wearing sandals on the mountain and... BWAHAHAHAHA! GUYS! YOU ARE NEVER GONNA BELIEVE WHO I'VE GOT ON THE PHONE!!! but I digress...) "I don't want you to fall" he says. My heart melted right then and there. Then after a few minutes he says "I really don't want you to fall, but the real reason I came back is I know we're not supposed to go that far ahead of you, and I wanted to do the right thing. I wanted to follow the rules you made." AWWWWWW!!!! I think his desire to obey might trump his concern for my safety in the "What a sweet kid!" department!

Of course, he COULD have just been trying to make his sister at the bottom of the mountain look bad ;)

Other non-sunset pictures -

Ok, so I didn't get the sunset, but I did get the moon :)


Brenda said...

What a sweet boy! Love the photos!

mouse said...

The pictures are beautiful and that seems like a really nice way to spend an afternoon.
I just got caught up on my reading and saw where you tagged me the other day so I did it today.
Some sweet kids you have.

Erna said...

Vety sweet! :0) I had to chuckle at the 911 call . . . that wouldn't be good to become the object of everyone's jokes. A neat little adventure though!

lisa said...

Non-sunset photos. Love it!