Sunday, October 15, 2006

Let it snow...

....somewhere else!!!

It doesn't snow here, so this is the best I can do... :) If I didn't have 3 tests in the morning, I'd be spending hours playing here making snowflakes! Takes me back to 3rd grade art class, it does!

Hat tip to Lisa Samson


Julie said...

Well, my kids and I would LOVE for it to snow here...can you say FAT CHANCE? LOL

Really like this snowflake site...I'm bookmarking it for later use.

When are your tests finally OVER?

lori said...

You are lucky!!

May God be with you as you take your test today!

Erna said...

That was really fun! I'd love to cut some more but I have to supervise a painting activity. It's so tempting to go back and do more. Peaceful and fun activity! Thanks for sharing it! (No snow on the ground today here!)