Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's much better riding in the FRONT seat of the police car...

Not that I've had any experience riding in the back... but... :)

So today I'm thankful I'm not a police officer. Last night was interesting, and we didn't encounter anything too horrific, but there was a lot that I found to be sad. Like the lady who told the convenience store clerk that she didn't have to pay for the 44 oz. Thirst Buster because she owned the store and it was perfectly ok. She also told the officers that she couldn't remember her name, and she didn't have a birthdate because she was never born. She was really an angel and therefore already dead. She was saying some really out there things. The officer had to tell her she was hallucinating. She said "I am? I'm hallucinating? Oh..." This lady had been arrested 58! times for trespassing. She was only about 3 years older than me. It's obvious by looking at her that she's had a rough life.

We took a 15 year old kid home who had been caught smashing up someone's car. He is being charged with criminal damage, but they let him go home. He was drunk when we brought him home.

We went to a 911 hang up call in the city housing project. Little kids ran to hide when they saw the police. I think that's just so sad.

I chose to go to one of the worse parts of town, because I'm not familiar with that area, and because I thought it would interesting. It ended up actually being pretty non-eventful. Most of the calls we went to were either taken care of by other officers before we could get there, or we were unable to find anything. We drove around running plates, but didn't even get to pull anybody over.

So yes, when there's a police car behind you, chances are he IS looking for a reason to pull you over :P :)


Barb said...

The delusional woman is so sad but the 15 year old drunk is even sadder. Boy, you must have nerves of steel to see this stuff all the time.

Connie said...

That's the thing, I don't see it all the time. I HEAR about it a lot, but I don't see it. It's one thing to sit in an office that is pretty secure and talk to the clerk at the convenience store who is being yelled at by someone who thinks they own the store. It's a totally different thing to be out there standing next to the lady who thinks she owns Circle K!

Erna said...

Hmm . . . interesting, indeed. I'd love to comment more but I think my oldest is waking. Gotta run!

maurinsky said...

So yes, when there's a police car behind you, chances are he IS looking for a reason to pull you over :P :)

I reflexively change course if I see a cruiser in my rear-view mirror. Even though I have a license, I observe posted speed limits, have insurance and registration, wear my seat belt, etc...I had a bad experience once with a cop who pulled me over and then kept me there for a while while he looked for some reason to ticket me.

He eventually told me that I couldn't carry a baseball bat in my trunk because it was a concealed weapon,, it's not. He couldn't give me a ticket for anything, he gave me a verbal warning.

I know not all cops are like that, but I don't want to encounter another one who is, so I change course.

Connie said...

Yikes Maureen! I've run into some awful cops too, where the power has gone to their head. Like that detective a couple years ago... he made me cry more than once.

Sometimes though, if they're going to be nasty, they LOOK for people who change course once they realize there's an officer behind them. That's why I just keep on doing what I was doing if I know I haven't done anything wrong. Even as a police employee, I worry about getting pulled over too!