Monday, October 09, 2006

It's only been one day and my brain is already mush

Oh I'm really wondering what I got myself into with this dispatch training thing. It's a two week class, there are 2-5 tests every day, and if I fail 3 tests, I'm out. And there's a huge massive final at the end. After the class is over, there's 6 months worth of on the job training, but at least I don't have to study for that. Today I got home, made supper, picked my son and my friend's daughter up from play practice, ate, and then locked myself in my room to study. Now it's time for bed, and I get to do it all again tomorrow, only with different information I have to try to shove into my brain. There's SO MUCH to know! I'm looking at all this stuff, thinking... I have got to be INSANE!! (Or totally 918 in our department's cop-speak.) I am REALLY glad I had a two week break before starting this. The fun part is I get to go on another ride along with an officer on Friday. Last time I got to do that was 2 years ago in 911 training. It was a whole lot of fun, but I felt so powerless when I got back in my car to go home and it didn't have one of those computers in it.

I think I've got a pretty good handle on the information for tomorrow's tests (it's all stuff we did in the 911 class, which was 5 weeks of insanity!) Tomorrow starts the new information. I'll be praying for my bloggy friends, but I don't know that I'll get to post/comment much in the next couple weeks.


Brenda said...

This bloggy friend will be praying for you as well, for your success and your sanity.

mouse said...

Connie you can do it, just take your time and be patient with yourself. If you put to much pressure on yourself you will just stress yourself out. We all know you can do it, put some faith in yourself and we will see you back in blogglity land when you are done.

Rona's Home Page said...

Take a walk and enjoy the autumn crisp air. That's my trick for dealing with stress.