Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday's Maybe I'm Missing Something

Ok, I'm not all that bright politically speaking. When I was in 7th grade and Mr. Sanford explained to the class the basics of the republican and democrat philosphies, I picked one that sounded closest to what I thought made sense at the time and stuck with it. To this day, I still identify more closely with that particular party than the other, but I've never really gotten into politics. It doesn't make sense to me to get so worked up about the fact that your party didn't win whatever seat it was, or that this party controls that and that party controls this, because these things have always gone in cycles. Soon, things will reverse, they always do. It just seems like every election season, it's the same thing - lather, rinse, repeat.

I was at the home of a very dear friend of mine recently, and she was looking over the information about local propositions in the upcoming election. She said to me "You know how I choose which way to vote sometimes? I look to see who is for something, and if certain people are for it, then I'm against it." Literally, if someone in that other party were going to vote for something, she would vote against it. What if it's a really good idea and could help people? That seems kind of silly to me.

I've noticed that with other things too. This friend for a while supported a group that helps children in Africa, but stopped when she found out that groups from the other party supported that cause also. And here in blogworld, I noticed that same idea. A cause to raise funds for medicine for AIDS victims in Africa is being called socialist by bloggers who proclaim themselves to be Christian. Why? Why is trying to help people a socialist cause? What am I missing? Is it because people on the other end of the political spectrum support it? Are we so busy making politics our God that we forget we're supposed to behave like Christ? You know what I think? I think that if Christians (myself included) behaved as Christ would, there wouldn't be a NEED for "humanist" or "socialist" organizations to step up and help their fellow man. We should all be caring for the least of these, regardless of political affiliation!

P.S I really hate being political, I'm sure I'm going to offend someone... so if that was you, SORRY!


Brenda said...

I saw a comment on a blog the other day that hit the nail on the head. "I follow neither the elephant nor the donkey, but the Lamb." Wish I'd said that!

Julie said...

Personally, I vote only after praying - and I do feel responsible to do some research. Fortunately our church offers voter's guides, and there are guides available through other sources.

Regarding the helping of others, Christian or not, my thought is this: I want someone who is helped (whether given food, a blanket, or anything at all...)to know that God loves them, and it is GOD who provided for them.

I personally support groups which minister to people's SOULS, not just their physical needs. Why? Because I want the LORD to receive the glory, not an organization. And there are SO many good Christian ministries and organizations in desperate need.

I am grateful for ANYONE helping people in any capacity, but to leave God out of the picture is always a temporary fix at best. And that, my friend, is heartbreaking.

Julie said...


Love your new blog colors...very did change them, didn't you? I don't remember the purple...

mouse said...

I support the things I really believe in and if some other group different from me politically does the same then that is good because the group needing help is getting even more.