Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So far, so good

I passed my tests today! We have 19 tests in all, and so now there's two less I don't have to worry about failing! :P (I'm not actually worried about failing the tests, I'm worried about remembering all the information I need to know to succeed at dispatching. I understand what a big responsibility it is.) And I feel pretty good about the tests I have tomorrow. Thursday's information is a little trickier - it's 2 of the 6 precincts and what is in them - like addresses to schools, parks, hospitals... the places I've been, I can picture where they are and figure out the address. Most of the places on these lists though, I've never been there. I don't really have time to go driving around the city either!

I feel better today though. Thanks for praying for me, I can tell because I am much more at peace with the whole thing :)

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mouse said...

Congrats on passing the two test so far. My thoughts will be with you on Thursday.