Monday, October 16, 2006

testing testing 123

10 tests down, 10 to go! Julie asked when the tests would be over - Friday. We had 3 today, 2 tomorrow, 4 Wednesday, 4 Thursday, and then we have a great big ole final on Friday. Today one of our instructors was pretty much going over exactly what was on the upcoming tests so that we knew what to study. She said that the training on the floor will be stressful enough, we don't need to stress out over this stuff. And she's probably right. Once we are in on the job training, that's when you can't stop to figure out what you are doing, you just have to do it. That part of the training lasts 6-9 months, and that's the stressful part. But with the on the job part, I can leave it at work and don't have to bring it home with me. So I'm definitely not as stressed out as I was last week :)

Now we're getting into information that is specific to the job of dispatcher, so things are a lot more interesting.

Thanks for the prayers!


Nadiah Alwi said...

Still praying for you, Connie...

Good luck!

Julie said...

Just prayed for you, girl. I'm glad the worse is behind you, and that things are getting interesting.

I just cannot imagine taking ALL OF THOSE TESTS. It makes my head swim thinking of it all!


Erna said...

Wow! You are incredibly busy with all the tests. However, I'm glad you're getting into a bit more of the interesting stuff with the dispatching information.

janice said...

keep up the good work! I can't imagine how busy your life must be!