Sunday, October 08, 2006

That's it, it's over

I'm speaking of... vacation *deep sigh*

While I am indeed ready to go back to work, I am NOT ready to have to get up at 5:45AM to fight rush hour traffic, and then fight it again on the way home. Especially when I'm used to going to work at 11pm and all the traffic going the opposite direction when I leave. And I'm not ready to deal with lunches and uniforms and homework. And that's just for me! I'll have to deal with lunches and uniforms and homework for the kids too!

Ok, maybe two weeks wasn't enough :) We did have fun though. We went to the movies, slept in a lot, baked stuff, played monopoly, tickled each other, went to movies, went to "The Peacock Park" but only saw peahens and roosters, and we went to the movies. Oh, and I almost broke my arm. It still hurts, but I don't think it's seriously injured. Good times there :) Did I mention we went to the movies? I love having a daughter who works for the movie theater.

So lunches are packed, clothes are laid out, and everybody is excited to go back to school. Well, except for DQ, the 14 year old. She has been vigorously campaigning to not go to school tomorrow since the minute I picked her and her 17 year old brother up from the airport. She told me school is for losers. I told her I guess she's a loser then, because she's going!

I hope I'm ready to try to shove more police related information into this poor little brain of mine! Because dispatch training starts tomorrow. If I'm scarce around bloggyville, it will because I am trying to stuff things like hundred blocks, call signs, radio codes, and precinct and beat boundaries into my noggin. Pray for me? :)


Paulette said...

Connie, thanks for your sweet words. i am sorry about you going through a Divorce. I love your sweet blog it is so upolifting! I read alot of past posts.
You sound like a great mom and hard worker. God Bless you and your kiddos.
Ill be back.

mouse said...

The Peacock Park looks like a beautiful place to spend the day. The Peacock is really pretty but to bad he wouldn't get off his bottom and spread his wings.