Thursday, October 05, 2006

Who am I? Part 3 of 3

I am significant --
I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit - John 15:16
I am God's temple - 1 Cor 3:16
I am a minister of reconciliation for God - 2 Cor 5:17-21
I am God's co-worker - 2 Cor 6:1
I am seated with Jesus Christ in the heavenly realm - Eph 2:6
I am God's workmanship - Eph 2:10
I may approach God with freedom and confidence - Eph 3:12
I can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens me - Phil 4:13

Remember, YOU are accepted, YOU are secure, and YOU are significant. If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it! If you are fighting with feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, look at yourself through the eyes of truth - see yourself how God sees you. God doesn't make junk!!!

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Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

What a great reminder. I love the part about God putting our pictures on His fridge. What a great image!