Monday, November 13, 2006

Aww, he really does care

Because he loves me so much, my 6 year old had some very important words of wisdom for me just now while I was cooking.

"Mom, be careful. You don't want to cut a vein or an artery. You'll bleed heavily."

I asked him where he heard about arteries and veins, because I'm pretty sure when I was 6, I didnt know what those were.

He said "From the dictionary."

I'm not sure whether to be proud of his wonderful grammar, or afraid of the fact that the boy reads the dictionary.


Julie said...

Hey, maybe he'll be a doctor when he grows up! Hey, he's reading...that 's great!

I used to read the dictionary AND the encyclopedia all the time (strange but true!)

To this day, whenver I open up either one, I am FASCINATED and get totally distracted by all that NEW information. LOL

Gabrielle said...

this might be out of context, i only want to share how smart and "advanced" are kids these days. my friend's son (10 years old) told her mom not to have sex anymore so she wouldn't have a baby again because she'd bleed when she delivers the baby, and she'd die if she bleeds too much lol he learned it from the discovery channel on tv...

Erna said...

LOL! I was one who liked to read dictionaries and encyclopedias from time to time as a kid. I'm glad julie shared the same . . . I don't feel so alone. LOL!

Grafted Branch said...

A 6 year old boy who will read the dictionary will grow up to be the man who finds the cure for cancer!

Let me be the first to congratulate the proud Mommy! That's great.

mouse said...

My son Matt use to read the dictionary all the time but not when he was 6. I think you have one smart little boy on your hands.