Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I guess it's finally winter! So break out the sweatshirts people, because it's only 53 degrees outside! BRRR!

And now, because it's officially the holiday season, a song for you, Phoenix style -

Sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland:

Palm trees wave, are you listenin'
In the pool, water's glistenin'
A warm sunny day, we like it that way
Livin' in a Phoenix wonderland

Gone away is the blizzard
Here to stay is the lizard
A warm sunny day, we like it that way
Livin' in a Phoenix wonderland

In the desert we can have a picnic
Cactus, sand, rattlesnakes and sun
Christmas dinner is an old tradition
We'll have pinto beans and tacos by the ton

Later on, we'll perspire
Temperatures rise even higher
A warm sunny day, we like it that way
Living in a Phoenix wonderland

(Author unkown to me - words courtesy of my daughter's preschool 5 years ago!)


Just Expressing Myself said...

Totally excellent song.
Waving at you from New York,

lori said...

cute song! I love it.

eph2810 said...

What an adorable song :)...I love the weather like it is right now - sunny, but cool. Although the wind was really chilly today :)

Janean said...

Great minds think alike, my friend! I posted a song today, too!
Your's is WAAYYY Too cute. Can just imagine a bunch o'little kids singing along. I bet they waved their arms like the palm trees, too, didn't they? :D
It's REALLY cold up here. SUpposed to be down to 20 tonite. Aaak! Told everyone I want longjohns for Christmas. THey're on sale 2 for $9 at BiMart! :D

Erna said...

Very cute. I could use some warmth tonight. Funny thing is we've had spring-like temps when we normally have winter temps.

Susie said...

I love it, and I can totally relate here in Corpus Christi. Thanks for making us smile.

Bethany said...

I love it! I'll have to come up with a Mississippi version! :D

mouse said...

That is a really cute song. Ya don't really have pinto beans and tacos for Christmas dinner though do you???

Melissa said...

awesome song, I'd love to have some warm sunshine for Christmas. Here, it's been snowing every day for the last week, and is about 10 degrees out plus the wind chill....yuck. I'll take your 53 degree "cold" any day!

~aRiZoNa bAbE~ said...

luv this song. ~aRiZoNa bAbE~