Thursday, November 02, 2006


I was looking through pictures I have stored on CD today and came across this. So come on, let's see your kid pics!!


lori said...

Oh my goodness would that be frightening. You are very cute!

Julie said...

Cute little girl picture,

GORGEOUS young woman picture.

I need to try this one...but the thought of going through all my piles of photos is just soooo overwhelming.

Maybe after the holidays???

Erna said...

It was neat to see your pictures. I'll try and get some up on my blog in the next few days or so. I'll have to think of my favourites and snap pics of them using my digital camera. :0)

Grafted Branch said...

So cute! I'll try to take you up on your invite/challenge this weekend...if I can remember from here to there! lol.