Sunday, November 26, 2006

Small Victory

And I do mean small! This morning at work my trainer had to run down the hall (our euphemism for going potty!) so she had one of the operators working an info channel (where officers go to get tow trucks and wanted person information) just listen to me, but not sit by me. While my trainer was gone, one of the officers in my area said he'd been waved down by a man who thought there was someone in his back yard. The officer gave me the address, and I did everything perfectly without help, including asking for more officers to go to that address. I've been having a hard time with knowing when to ask for more officers to respond, so the fact that I did it myself, without being told, is a very good thing :D Maybe I can do this job after all... :)


Erna said...

You can do it!!! Great little victory! You'll have it down in no time!

Brenda said...

Go you! You'll be flying solo in no time!

I like your new look. :)

Rebekah said...

yea for you

Janean said...

YOU ARE SO STINKIN' BRAVE! I'm not being sarcastic! I bailed...couldn't handle 911. You are doing awesome. Way to go! :D
Woooo Hoooo!