Wednesday, December 06, 2006

OMGosh! A bloggy award!!

Grafted Branch at Restoring the Years has started her own awards, and OMGoodness, she gave one to me! I'm touched and honored! Thank you so much! I won for Most likely-to-make-you-smile blog title :) If I can make someone smile, then that's a great thing!
GB, you certainly made me smile today, thank you!!


Erna said...

Woo hoo! I'm so proud of you! Yes, you do bring smiles to many faces. Thanks for bringing some smiles to mine! (I still have to pick up that book . . . smile.)

Grafted Branch said...

Ah! There's Erna! Where's your blog, Erna? It's not in your profile anymore...anyway, you're on my Awards post too! Everyone gets an award.

Connie...I have bad news. I've changed the caption on the button if you want to grab it anew. (I wasn't sure anyone was going to understand about the "restoration.")

Sorry. I'm like that. Ask Brenda at Rocking Chairs and Rainbows...I think I probably show up on her Bloglines 1/2 dozen times for each new post because I can't seem to proof before I post and then leave it alone once I do.

I have a "girl friend" who I think is working 911 in Phx metro...first name is Julie -- married to a (retired?) officer. How small a world is it? Have you met her? Don't want to put too much out there on the blog.

(And don't laugh...I'm always looking for a connection like that.)

O.k. It's sooooo late. I've been tinkering with photobucket all evening -- a new discovery. So, if this comment makes no sense in the a.m...well, do with it what you will. :)

Rebekah said...

that is too cool. Good deal for you

Jessica said...

That is too cool! Congrats! That would make me smile too!