Friday, December 01, 2006

A real 911 call

Wednesday is the day I get to be in 911. The rest of the days I'm in training for dispatch. In some ways, I really like and look forward to Wednesdays. With a little over 2 years experience, I actually know what I'm doing in 911. I'm still learning dispatch and sometimes it's easy to feel in over my head or frustrated, even though overall I am doing well and I do really like it. On the other hand, in dispatch I don't have to talk to citizens on the phone, only officers. And sometimes, I like it better that way. This past Wednesday night, I could tell when I first sat down it was going to be one of those nights, because my 2nd or 3rd call went like this:

Me: 911, what is your emergency?
Very Inebriated Sounding Caller: Umm, I don't really have an emergency...
Me: Well, what's the problem, why are you calling 911?
VISC: Can you tell me... (long pause)
Me: Yes?
VISC: Can you tell me... What day it is?
Me: You are calling 911 to find out what day it is? Do you have an emergency?
VISC: No, I don't have an emergency. But is it Tuesday or Wednesday? Or is it Thursday?
Me: Sir, I need to keep this line free for emergencies. You'll need to call information or look at a calendar.
Then just as I was about to hang up... VISC: I do have an emergency! I need to know what day it is!!


Bethany said...

Oh my. Was he for real?

Jessica said...

Oh dear! In a sense that's funny, in other sense, it's not. Some people worry me sometimes!

Erna said...

Some people's children. I tell ya!

mouse said...

Boy I've always been scared to call 911 for no reason. I figured if it wasn't very important they would come get me and lock me up for wasting their time.

Janean said...

AAaaaaahhhh! ROFL!

I'm sorry, I just think that's hilarious in the most ludicrous way. You see videos about this kind of stuff but you always wonder if those things are staged.

Go girl!