Friday, December 22, 2006

She's going to make a fine mother someday...

Ok, so apparently Sassy has learned that if she asks her older sister DQ for something repeatedly, the answer will eventually be yes. Asking more than once with me more often than not gets one sent away rejected, but I suppose there has been a random time or two when I've given in changed my mind and recognized the merit in the request. But pretty much when I say no, I mean NO. But you know what they say, when kids behave a certain way, it's usually mirroring what they see in their parents and now I'm really afraid! Because This morning Sassy kept asking DQ if she could use DQ's hot air corn popper to make popcorn. Over and over, repeatedly. DQ kept saying no. Finally, DQ said yes. So Sassy got to popping. DQ jumped up, ran in the kitchen demanding to know what Sassy was doing. "I'm popping popcorn! You said I could!"

DQ's response? "When I said yes I was just trying to shut you up! You need to learn that when I say yes, I really mean no!" The worst part was, she was serious!

Oy, time to reexamine my parenting skills! Yikes!

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Grafted Branch said...

ROFLOL! Mine work me with a tilt of the head and a bat of the eyes. When I'm not "on my game," it works for awhile -- until about the time of br@s and braces. ;)