Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sneak peak!

I'm excited! Lisa Samson has a new book coming out in March. If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know she's one of my favorite authors ever. The new book is called Quaker Summer. This week Lisa will be posting the first chapter in segments on her blog - Author Intrusion. Head on over for a sneak peak!

I'll have a copy to give away once I've had a chance to read the book myself, so check back with me for a chance to win :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Slightly Amusing Kidstuff

I took Sassy with me to Costco this morning - yes, I finally crawled out of my hole and faced the world, not that I wanted to you understand, but the children had nothing to eat. I'm really tired now, but at least the kids aren't in danger of melting away from starvation anytime soon. So, 9 year old Sassy and I were in Costco, when what to our wondering eyes did appear, an OREO CHEESECAKE! It looked AMAZING. And wow, I was tempted. But no, I don't need that, and neither does my rear end. Sassy also agreed that it looked very good. So much so in fact, that she started giving me reasons why I should buy the cheesecake. And then she started begging, and saying things like "you know you want too..." So I said - not to her mind you, just at the idea of the temptation - "Get thee behind me Satan!" Sweet lovable little Sassy then said "Nope, I'm standing right in front of you!"

I got home, and was putting away our haul, when DQ came in and said out of the blue "Fat penquins break the ice." I just looked at her. Then she said "That's why you should take them to parties."


Ok, so I did drop her on head when she was a baby, but I didn't think it was that bad...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Proud moment

The drugs are kicking in, which is a good news - bad news kind of thing. Apparently I also had a nasty sinus infection because ewww, and that's all I will say. And now I'm coughing more trying to get rid of the stuff in my lungs and ouch, it hurts to cough.

So in my bronchitis induced fog, I've been kind of, ummm, hands off with the kids. They pretty much know what they need to do, but I haven't been making sure that they're doing it. So yesterday, DQ didn't clean the kitchen like she was supposed to. I went to bed. I got up this morning, and saw the mess in the kitchen and asked her why she didn't do what she was supposed to. She said "Oh, I just got lazy." Of course, I grounded her from the computer and from video games (my sister just got the kids a Wii for Christmas, so that's what she was doing instead of what she should have been doing) but inside, I was SO proud! For probably the first time ever, she didn't offer a lame excuse - "I forgot!" (like that's a good reason, why do kids expect that to get them out of trouble?!) "I was tired!" "My foot hurt!" It's mainly been since she became a teenager that she does that, and I've been telling her not to make excuses, just own up to the real reason. Ahhh, she learned something, finally! :D So I only grounded her for 3 days instead of 7 :P

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No Wonder...

I feel so nasty, I've got bronchitis! I shouldn't be surprised, because I get it once a year, like clockwork. But I really did think this was just a cold until yesterday. Now I've got drugs and a doctors note and soon all will be right with the world. Maybe then the noise of the ice cream truck outside won't grate on my nerves, or the sound of my next door neighbor warming up his truck (for an hour. Every stinking morning.) Or the sound of that snack vendor on a bike who keeps honking that stupid horn... Yes, I'm crabby, I think I'll go back to bed where I belong :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I find it AMAZING

How God designed the human body. The complex systems He designed to make our bodies work, and how they work together, is really just amazing. The circulatory and respiratory systems are enough to be amazed at, but then reproduction and childbirth? I'm constantly in awe of how we are built and how our bodies work.

There's just one thing I don't necessarily understand. Sinuses. What's the deal with those?! I mean really - hollow cavities inside the head, for WHAT?! Other than giving us headaches and making us feel miserable. That's going to be one of those questions I'll ask when I get to heaven. Right now, I'm going to take some decongestants, a pain reliever or two, and lie back down.

See ya'll when my nose stops doing it's best impression of a maple tree in spring, and I stop hacking and coughing and my body stops aching.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Weird kids

I can count on my kids to provide comic relief, even in the midst of wanting to firebomb my bathroom...

DQ (who was pretty wet after hanging out in the rain after school): Can I borrow your blow dryer? I want to blow dry my feet...

Snugglebutt: Mom, did you know I'm a good source of dietary fiber?

Yes dear, but you're a little high in sodium...

The Shower and the Wagon

~ Or: I hate plumbing and plumbing hates me! ~

Although I suppose that not having plumbing isn't all that and a bag of chips, because I DO have memories of having to use an outhouse at my relatives house in West Virginia when I was very little. Not pleasant at all. But darnit, they can put a man on the moon, why can't they make plumbing fixtures that don't wear out? Oh because then I wouldn't get to spend time and money at that huge mega home improvement store. And spend a lovely day alternately praying about and cursing at my shower fixtures :P I'm a marginally intelligent person, at least, when I've gotten a decent amount of sleep, and I've replaced the stems and handles on bathtubs/showers before. I even own my own seat wrench! (Are you impressed yet? I didn't think so...) So I don't know what it was about these particular bathroom fixures, but they were stubborn. It was definitely of an urgent nature - the main bathroom had gotten so bad, we couldn't turn off the water anymore. And as I was finishing up my shower the other day in the master bathroom, the hot water handle completely broke off. So I figured I can do this! I have to do this! I don't need to depend on anybody else, I can fix this myself! Yeah, I spent half the day trying to get the stinking handles off and they wouldn't budge!

So as I went down the list of people I really didn't want to bother, I was reminded of an incident that happened shortly after my ex-husband was arrested. I was going on a field trip with my youngest child's preschool class, it was a walking trip to the park. The way to the park is interesting, it's it's a straight shot down one street, but part of it looks like a normal older suburban neighborhood, and part of it looks like farmland. Seriously, you go from suburban neighborhood to passing horses and goats and sheep and then back into suburban neighborhood in less than a mile. Phoenix is weird like that. Anyway, we went on a walk to the park. We had a wagon which the children were taking turns pulling in pairs. Not my son. My son insisted upon pulling the wagon himself. It was kind of heavy, but not too bad. But then as we were walking past this one house, the owner came out and said he had some oranges from his tree that he had to get rid of, did we want them. The kids all wanted oranges, so we said yes. The man brought out 3 very large bags full of oranges. HUGE even. So we said thank you and put them in the wagon. My son still refused help pulling the wagon, even with the extra weight of the oranges. He was really struggling, and we were at the part of the road where there's not really a sidewalk there, just really a dirt path. So not only was the wagon heavy, he was trying to pull it over uneaven, bumpy terrain. I told him "It's ok to need help buddy, you don't have to pull the wagon yourself!" And it hit me right between the eyes - I'd been trying to pull my own wagon, and it was way too heavy for me. God puts people around us to help us pull our wagons, but we have to let them. I thought it was a lesson I learned a long time ago, but somewhere along the way, I started hogging the wagon again. Not wanting to need help from anybody. Why do I keep acting like that? Pride I suppose...

So I called my friends and one of them came over and took everything apart for me. All I had to do was go to the store, get the parts, and put it all back together. Now I am happy to report - No drips, no leaks! And I did put it all back together myself. But I'm so thankful that I do have friends who are willing to help.

Of course, I did have 4 teenagers in the house (2 mine, 2 borrowed) who all had to *ahem* use the facilities as soon as the water was turned off!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Both Janean and Rebekah have made lists of the cars they've own, and hey, that looks kind of fun! So I hope you ladies don't mind, but I wanna play too!

1) 1971 or 2 (I think!) Ford Pinto. Blue. Well, most of it. My sister sold it to me for $200, before I even had my license. The year was 1985, and I was 18.
2) The year escapes me, but my next car was a black Mercury Marquis. I learned a lot about hoses and spark plugs with that car. I acquired it from the family I used to babysit for. It was a trade, I gave them a dog, and they gave me a car. They got the better end of the deal. And the dog probably lived longer.
3) Can't remember the year on the next car either, but it was a Chevy Chevelle or something like that. Boatlike. Rust colored. Of course, a lot of older cars in Cleveland were rust colored, even if they weren't.
4) I am so bad with remembering the years! The Chevelle broke down for good, and I needed wheels, I was desperate. So the first thing that came along in my price range, which was not much, I bought. It was a green Buick Century. This was right after I got married the first time, and my husband did not drive. He doesn't to this day, and he's 50 now. So the choice was mine. I confess I did not take the time to look into it and make sure it was a good car. It was not. Everything was wrong with it, I mean EVERYTHING. The brakes started failing within days after I bought it. I musta had sucker stamped on my forehead. I would have been true, because I was desperate.
5) Another Buick Century, this one light blue, and a station wagon. It was a nice car that served us well. Until it started smoking, and I don't mean cigarettes.
6) By now it was around 1990 or so... my next car was a blue Renault Alliance. A friend of mine let me buy it from her and pay her monthly. I think it was an... 82? Not sure.
7) 86 Plymouth Reliant K. Red. Good times in that car. It was the first car that I ever financed.
8) 89 Mercury Grand Marquis. Financed. Boat. Mistake. Could not park the thing to save my life. When it broke down, it was, OMGosh, so bad. I can laugh about it now... I was divorced and had an apartment about 25 miles east of where I worked, which was near where my ex-husband lived and the kids went to school. So, one day after work, I picked the kids up and asked my ex to come over to hook up some electronic equipment something or other I don't remember now, and then I'd take him home later on. He agreed. So first, we had to drive to the other side of Cleveland to pick up my other daughter. That was about hmmm, 30 miles west of where I worked... As I got off the freeway to pick her up, the car started over heating. But I just put over $600 into getting the radiator fixed. So, we stop at a branch of the place where I had it fixed. They got it so I could drive again, so I set out for my apartment, which was at least 50 miles east. I had my ex husband and 4 kids in the car... The exit before my house, it starts overheating again. BAD. Smoke pouring out all over. So I get the bottom of the exit ramp where it stalls completely. We got it to the side of the road, and I walked to find a payphone to call my sister Vickie to help me. But in the mean time, someone thought there was a car fire, so they called 911. Ok, I walk back to the car, and the lights and sirens approach. Crud. So the firemen, who were not at all bad looking btw (and there I was, divorced with my ex in the car!!) determined that it was not on fire, just smoking. Then my sister, who had also just started proceedings to divorce her husband, arrived. And flirted shamelessly with the hunky firemen. The firemen took my kids and my ex to my apartment in an ambulance, while my sister and I waited for a tow truck. She took me to my apartment. That was the end of that car. But I walked in my apartment and realized that it's now 8pm, I don't have a car, and my ex husband is stuck there. I can laugh now... :)
9) So being a single parent, I was treading a precarious tight rope - no car, no job - no job, no car... no car, no job, no place to live... I explained my difficulties to a couple people at work, to see if they knew of any decent cheap cars. This company where I worked was a small family run company, and in some ways, it was a huge blessing to me. In other ways, it was not. The father of the owner was our sales manager, and he pulled me aside one day and said he'd heard that I needed a car. I told him that yes, I was looking for a cheap car to get me back and forth to work. He said no, that I needed something reliable, and he had a friend who owned a car dealership. I explained further that I would not be able to afford something like that, and that I really did just need a cheap car. He would not listen to me and said "dont worry about a thing." So a few days later, he and his friend arranged for me to buy a brand new white 1999 Ford Escort. (it was still 1998!) I got the very best interest rate possible, and the payments were managable. Yes, this man who had only known me for about 7 months, cosigned for this loan so that I could have a decent car. I will never forget the kindness he showed and the blessing he was.
10) I did love my little Escort, but then I moved to Arizona, got remarried, and in addition to my kids, I had two stepkids to chauffeur around. That's ummm... let's see... one, two... ummm.... SEVEN! kids! For a long time if we wanted to go anywhere together, we took two cars. But then it came to pass that I was needing to drive 6 of these children to school on a daily basis, and the escort was not going to cut it. The police frown on using the trunk as a couple extra seats for small children. So we traded in my cute little escort for a beast. A 2000 Chevy Astro. Silver. I liked the space, I didn't mind driving it, but the payments were high and cost of filling the tank nearly gave me a heart attack. I was driving about 50 miles a day. So then hubby was arrested, and I had to decide which vehicle to keep. Beastvan, or his 2000 Chevy Lumina. I was still taking his two sons to school on a regular basis, even though they had to go live with their mom. So I chose to keep the beast.
11) Last year about this time, I was looking at cutting costs, and one of the things that I saw could go was the van. I was paying a lot for gas, and the payment was kind of rediculous. So, in February of last year, I traded it in for a charcoal gray 2005 Ford Focus. I forgot how much fun small cars are to drive. Because of the financial issues caused by my ex-husband's sudden inability to provide for our family, the interest rate I got sucked. But to me it was worth it to have a reliable car rather than worry about how much money I'd need to pay the mechanic. Even though I was paying a bit more than I wanted, I was still saving money on gas. And not long after I was able to refianance into a much more reasonable rate, and the payments are not bad.

My next car? I've done a lot of research, and I think if I can manage, I want a brand new red Toyota Corolla.

A Good Read

Somewhere around the beginning of April, 2000, my soon to be three year old daughter wanted to get a video out of the church library. She picked up probably the most colorful video they had - it was green and yellow and had a big green cucumber on the front. Yeah, ok fine, whatever you want sweetie. It's from the church library, so at least I don't have to worry about it being offensive. So the next day we popped it in the VCR, so that I could have a few quiet moments to nurse my then 6 week old baby. Within the first few minutes, I was hooked. It was FUNNY! Funnier and smarter than any kids video I'd ever seen. When my husband got home I told him "You MUST watch this!" and he was hooked too. The video she picked was Veggie Tales Silly Songs 2 - The End of Silliness? We had officially become a family of Veggie lovers. It wasn't long before we all were quoting lines, and humming the songs walking through the produce section of the grocery store. We got as many of the other episodes out of the church library as they had, and loved every one. Eventually my husband ordered all of the previous episodes from (using his mother's credit card, didn't know that at the time, but that's besides the point and another very good reason he's my ex!) and we eagerly waited for new releases. And then we heard about the Veggie Tales movie that was coming out - Jonah. YAY! We took the kids to see it, and enjoyed it very much. Not long after that though, I was reading the paper one day and noticed a little blurb in the Business section about the sale of Big Idea, the company behind the Veggies, to a company called Classic Media. It also mentioned that Big Idea had gone into bankruptcy. I wondered then if Jonah wasn't biting off more than they could chew, but figured I'd never know for sure. I went to the Big Idea website and wrote a very heartfelt email asking if what I'd read was true, and inquired about the future of our dear friends, Bob and Larry. I got a return email reassuring us that Bob and Larry would still be around. I said a prayer for the people involved in Veggie Tales, and then just waited. We kept buying our Veggies, but we'd watch the credits and notice that Phil Vischer, the founder of Big Idea, wasn't having as much to do with the creation of the episodes. While still good, we did notice a difference. So all this time, I've been kind of curious about what really happened. Then a couple weeks ago, I spotted this book - Me, Myself and Bob: A True Story about Dreams, God, and Talking Vegetables. I got my paws on it yesterday. Since last night was my 911 night at work, I thought "Yippee! something to read!" because around 3 am on a Thursday morning in January is not our busiest time. By the time I left work this morning, I had made it to chapter 19 out of 22. I couldn't wait to get home and finish it. And finish it I did. This is a book I will be thinking about for a very long time, and going back to reread those last couple chapters to let what they have to say really sink in. So why did Big Idea crash and burn like it did? It's all explained in the book - poor management, getting too big too fast, a lawsuit... there are a lot of reasons... but there are also a lot of lessons, and I'm so glad that Mr. Vischer has taken the time to share them with us. They're good lessons for all of us who think we have something bigger we want to do for God.

I still love me some Veggies, and now I feel better knowing more about why they are where they are. The book itself is a very good read, and entertaining even describing the plumment from the mountain-top of success to the valley of bankruptcy. As a cucumber I know of once said "I laughed, I cried, it moved me Bob!"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sure it looks nice, but does it get good gas mileage?

Of course, my daughter just wants to know if it comes in her size...

Link: Art Cars

I'm still here!

There are so many posts swirling around in my brain, but finding the time to post them is the issue. I'm preoccupied with work stuff and so I'm not a very interesting person these days. I didn't even get around to Wordless Wednesday, partially because I don't have time to visit the other participants. It's not really right for me to hope for other participants to visit and comment when I can't visit theirs, so...

I last posted that I was frustrated with the radio training (to clarify - here 911 and dispatch are separate positions, we can be trained to do both, and all dispatchers are 911 trained, but not all 911 trained people are dispatchers. So if I don't succeed in dispatch/radio training, I still have a job.) My trainer was sick on Saturday and Sunday, Monday was a holiday so I was in 911 anyway, so last night was my only real radio night this week. Before the shift I sat down with my trainer and my supervisor and discussed the issues, and they both reassured me that it was normal to be frustrated to the point of tears (oh good!) and that I'm doing ok. Then my trainer sat away from me and just listened for most of the night. We were REALLY slow but I did pretty well. The only thing somewhat exciting that happened was toward the end of the evening when one of our drug dogs bolted from the car when his handler let him out to stretch his legs. At first the officers were confused, asking "So... you're asking for units to look for a missing... dog...?" Then when they understood it was a police dog - one of their co-workers really! they were ready and willing to help out. We had a bunch of officers out looking for the dog, who was found nearby at a Circle K. Apparently he just wanted a Big-Gulp, and didn't see what the big deal was ;) There was much relief when he was found, and working that was kind of fun. I'll stick with it for a while :)

So the only other mildly interesting thing these days concerns my two teenagers. I mentioned that their dad and his new wife were losing their house. They've found one to rent in the neighborhood where we lived when he and I were married. In fact, it's the exact same house! Now, me, I find that kind of creepy and as a 2nd wife, I'd never want to move back into the house where my husband and his ex lived. My kids find it creepy too, and aren't really keen to go back there. After all, it's where they lived when their parents got divorced. What do you think? Creepy or no?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

On the Bright Side...

I've got a one week vacation scheduled for the end of April, beggining of May, and the kids are off school that week too. So..... Where should we go? What should we do? I was thinking Disneyland, but the 17 year old is going there with his school right around the same time. Any suggestions?

Work stuff, feel free to ignore

3 things -

#1) Last night my supervisor gave me my stats for last month. They measure average calls per hour, average talk time, and average not ready time (the amount of time we're signed in, but not taking calls.) My talk time was below average for the rest of the shift and the people in my "squad" (those who have the same supervisor.) My not ready time was significantly below shift and squad average, that's great! However, my calls per hour average was less than the average for the shift and for the squad. I guess that's not so good. My supervisor wrote a note on there that I need to improve that. But, I'm taking calls 1 day a week, and 99.9% of the time, that one day I am assigned to take only 911 calls and not both 911 and non-emergency police, so I just don't get as many calls. Ok, wait... I'm being assigned to 911 only, my talk time is down, my not ready time is down... so... my calls aren't low because I'm talking too long or sitting there not ready. The average is down because we just aren't getting that many calls! Maybe I should call myself to get my calls per hour up :P

#2) I really wanted to give one of my co-workers a piece of my mind this morning, but I'm afraid there's not much left :P I had a Spanish speaker who was following a car that had bumped into his. Since I'm unfortunately not bilingual, I had to use our translating service over the phone. So citizen calls us, we have to conference in an interpreter, and sometimes a lot gets lost in translation. This particular call was very frustrating because a) the guy didn't know where he was b) he didn't know his directions AT ALL. Left means NOTHING to me when I don't know if you're facing north, south, east, or west. c) He WOULD.NOT. answer questions that I was asking through the interpreter. He was talking to someone else who was in the car with him. The interpreter kept telling them (somewhat nicely, but firmly) to shut up and answer the questions, but they kept it up, and it was a very frustrating call. Any call where someone is following or chasing is an emergency call, so we had officers going out as quickly as they possibly could to find them. I understand how important it is to get an accurate location, and I was trying soooo hard to do that. Then I had the dispatcher across the room sending me messages saying to take control of the call. WTHECK?!?!? It's not like I could grab the guy by the shirt collar and demand that he answer my questions! It's bad enough when someone refuses to cooperate when they speak English, but it's worse when it's going through an interpreter. Lord, I pray that if I survive dispatch training, may I never forget what it's like to be the one taking the call.

#3) Dispatch training. I feel like the example of the saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." I know, I'm not even 40 yet, but when I am there trying to learn this, I feel ancient. I feel like working nights is rapidly sucking out brain cells. I get so frustrated and feel so inadequate sometimes, I'm getting very discouraged. I could use some prayer, because I feel like it's seeping into other areas of my life. I won't go there to explain that all right now, but prayer would be good. I'm really questioning whether or not this is what I'm supposed to be doing.

Slightly amusing - a dear eldery lady called this morning because she thought there was someone on her roof. She went over to the neighbors house to call because she tried several times to dial from her house and it just wasn't working. So I got the information and had officers out there, and I could hear her say as she was about to hang up "I don't know what the problem was, I kept pressing 9-9-1, and it just wouldn't work!"

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

WW - Are you ready for it?

Dreaming of spring yet?

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Birthday Cake

I think it's been apparent from what I've said about DQ that she's got a flair for the artistic. So for her birthday, she requested something different for her cake. She wanted a purple, green, and orange cake. So I obliged. Here is the result:

Quite yummy even if it's a bit odd looking :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Birthday my Madodawdie

DQ, age 2

January 7th, 1992 was a good day. It was the day we met DQ, Drama Queen, otherwise sometimes known as Madodawdie - just one of the many nicknames she's endured over the years. That particular one came about because when she was about 2, she called her baby dolls her "dawdies." If they were small enough, in the winter she would put them in her coat so just their head stuck out right below hers, and then she would zip it up so they would be warm. That might just be one of my favorite memories of her. Then there was the time her dad let her watch the movie "Coneheads" when she was about 2 and a half. She made the connection that one of the characters shared my name, and started calling me... Connie Conehead. Everybody else thought that was just stinkin' hilarious :P

There was some drama after she was born, including jaundice, a hip click, RSV, and inguinal hernia surgery at 4 months, but for the most part, she was a drama-free kid. As a baby, she slept through the night really early, and she was the most easy going kid. She was smiling and cooing within 4 hours after her surgery. I know she can't have felt well, but she was smiling anyway.

Once she learned to talk, she never stopped. For a while when she was little, I worked nights at an answering service, and her dad would call me at 1AM and say "SHE'S STILL TALKING!" She does stop once in a while now, usually that's so she can take a nap...

There is more drama involved in her life now, both figuratively and literally. She loves theater and being in plays. Last year she was the White Witch in her school's production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and now she's in Much Ado About Nothing. And because she's a teenager, life with her is inherently dramatic.

Sometimes she and I clash, sometimes we don't understand each other very well. Sometimes I'm just sure I suck as a parent, and sometimes I think she is too much like her father and not in a good way. Sometimes I'm not very good at letting her know that I think she's smart, funny, and beautiful inside and out. She's a fantastic writer, and has real talent when it comes to photography. The thing I know I don't tell her enough is that I'm so very proud of her. I'm going to change that...

Happy 15th sweetie! I love you!

Friday, January 05, 2007

3 AM

So I'm usually awake at this time, because I'm usually at work. But it's my night off. I wish I was sleeping. The fact that I'm not might be because I took a 4 hour nap while the kids were at school. and then I fell asleep again at about 8pm and slept till 1. That might have something to do with it. Or it could be this raging sore throat and horrible headache. Or it could be all these random thoughts that swirl through my mind as I try to sleep.

Work is better, for those who mentioned it in comments :) Not every night is New Years Eve, praise God, so it's not always like that (although Friday and Saturday nights in the summer can feel like it!) The morning after New Years day I took a call that reminded me why I love my job, because I actually can help people doing what I do. I know that for right now, it's where God wants me to be.

I'm giving a lot of thought though to what happens when it's not where God wants me to be anymore. I'm fairly sure this is not all He has for me. We didn't go through all we went through for nothing, I know God can use our experiences to help other people. Soon after my ex-husband was arrested, I did what any internet addict normal modern person would do - I went to the internet in search of resources on how to help my daughter through what she'd been through. I found a total lack of anything helpful. Oh, I did find some websites with discussion boards, but most of the people that were posting seemed to be happy to keep up the victim lifestyle. I don't want that for myself or for my daughter. I want the healing found in Jesus, and I know reaching out to others can be helpful in that. So somehow, some way, I know there's a ministry for me in this. I'm praying for a clearer vision, but I feel that this is part of what God wants from me.

Ok, and the other thought swirling around this brain of mine is - I'd really like some chocolate...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

WW - At the zoo

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Monday, January 01, 2007

I survived New Years Eve 2006!

Happy New Year!

Yes, it was a rough night at work last night. Overall things were a little smoother than last year, but it was still extremely busy. The thing that made it slightly more tolerable for me was that I only had to answer the 911 line and not the non-emergency police number too, so I didn't have to deal with the noise complaints and the more routine stuff. The bad thing was that I got cussed out so many times last night it's not even funny.

Between being verbally abused for basically following the instructions I was given by my superiors, and dealing with people who were out there making horrible choices in the name of celebrating, I left work pretty discouraged. It's pretty frustrating to have someone tell you they are with someone who has been shot, but both the caller and the victim are so drunk, they couldn't possibly tell you where they are. How are we supposed to help people if we can't find them? And then they start screaming at us when we don't know exactly where "right here" is! I think there were 2 or 3 calls during the shift where I felt like I was actually helping someone.

I think I'll try to be on vacation next new year's eve... or perhaps I'll be sick... yeah, a good virus, or perhaps a migraine. Oh well, maybe by then I will have forgotten the trauma of this new year's eve. I have 364 days to recover :)