Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy Birthday my Madodawdie

DQ, age 2

January 7th, 1992 was a good day. It was the day we met DQ, Drama Queen, otherwise sometimes known as Madodawdie - just one of the many nicknames she's endured over the years. That particular one came about because when she was about 2, she called her baby dolls her "dawdies." If they were small enough, in the winter she would put them in her coat so just their head stuck out right below hers, and then she would zip it up so they would be warm. That might just be one of my favorite memories of her. Then there was the time her dad let her watch the movie "Coneheads" when she was about 2 and a half. She made the connection that one of the characters shared my name, and started calling me... Connie Conehead. Everybody else thought that was just stinkin' hilarious :P

There was some drama after she was born, including jaundice, a hip click, RSV, and inguinal hernia surgery at 4 months, but for the most part, she was a drama-free kid. As a baby, she slept through the night really early, and she was the most easy going kid. She was smiling and cooing within 4 hours after her surgery. I know she can't have felt well, but she was smiling anyway.

Once she learned to talk, she never stopped. For a while when she was little, I worked nights at an answering service, and her dad would call me at 1AM and say "SHE'S STILL TALKING!" She does stop once in a while now, usually that's so she can take a nap...

There is more drama involved in her life now, both figuratively and literally. She loves theater and being in plays. Last year she was the White Witch in her school's production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and now she's in Much Ado About Nothing. And because she's a teenager, life with her is inherently dramatic.

Sometimes she and I clash, sometimes we don't understand each other very well. Sometimes I'm just sure I suck as a parent, and sometimes I think she is too much like her father and not in a good way. Sometimes I'm not very good at letting her know that I think she's smart, funny, and beautiful inside and out. She's a fantastic writer, and has real talent when it comes to photography. The thing I know I don't tell her enough is that I'm so very proud of her. I'm going to change that...

Happy 15th sweetie! I love you!


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

What a wonderful tribute. She sounds like a marvelous girl and now young woman!

Happy Birthday!

Erna said...

Happy birthday!

Love the picture and the memories shared. She only stops (talking) for naps . . . so this is what my future will continue to be like? LOL! I have a chatterbox too . . . morning to night and she doesn't nap. LOL!

Rose said...

It is normal for Mom and Daughter not always to get along. Happy Birthday top your daughter.