Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm still here!

There are so many posts swirling around in my brain, but finding the time to post them is the issue. I'm preoccupied with work stuff and so I'm not a very interesting person these days. I didn't even get around to Wordless Wednesday, partially because I don't have time to visit the other participants. It's not really right for me to hope for other participants to visit and comment when I can't visit theirs, so...

I last posted that I was frustrated with the radio training (to clarify - here 911 and dispatch are separate positions, we can be trained to do both, and all dispatchers are 911 trained, but not all 911 trained people are dispatchers. So if I don't succeed in dispatch/radio training, I still have a job.) My trainer was sick on Saturday and Sunday, Monday was a holiday so I was in 911 anyway, so last night was my only real radio night this week. Before the shift I sat down with my trainer and my supervisor and discussed the issues, and they both reassured me that it was normal to be frustrated to the point of tears (oh good!) and that I'm doing ok. Then my trainer sat away from me and just listened for most of the night. We were REALLY slow but I did pretty well. The only thing somewhat exciting that happened was toward the end of the evening when one of our drug dogs bolted from the car when his handler let him out to stretch his legs. At first the officers were confused, asking "So... you're asking for units to look for a missing... dog...?" Then when they understood it was a police dog - one of their co-workers really! they were ready and willing to help out. We had a bunch of officers out looking for the dog, who was found nearby at a Circle K. Apparently he just wanted a Big-Gulp, and didn't see what the big deal was ;) There was much relief when he was found, and working that was kind of fun. I'll stick with it for a while :)

So the only other mildly interesting thing these days concerns my two teenagers. I mentioned that their dad and his new wife were losing their house. They've found one to rent in the neighborhood where we lived when he and I were married. In fact, it's the exact same house! Now, me, I find that kind of creepy and as a 2nd wife, I'd never want to move back into the house where my husband and his ex lived. My kids find it creepy too, and aren't really keen to go back there. After all, it's where they lived when their parents got divorced. What do you think? Creepy or no?


Julie said...

Hello?? It's creepy. Definitely creepy.

But I'm glad you're okay, all things considered. *smile*

Barb said...

I agree with you, Connie. I'm not at all sure I'd move into a house my husband had lived in with his first wife. Too creepy for me, too.

I know what you mean about not posting a Wordless Wednesday because you know you don't have time to visit everyone who visits you.

That's been a huge challenge for me so I decided I'm not posting again until I catch up with everyone!

Janean said...

I'm glad you were able to talk with them and get things a little settled anyway. I know you are doing wonderful, just a rough spot!
About the house thing...younger kids might think it's cook, because they are more into the "familiar" but teenagers? Ummm, no. Not so much. And me? Yah, definitely CREEPY.

Rebekah said...

I know its just a house, a material object...but yea, Creepy. Especially for the kids

Erna said...

Very creepy indeed.