Thursday, February 08, 2007

3 real 911 calls

Me: 911, what is your emergency?
Caller1: Yes, my neighbors have too many people at their house.
Me: Are they being loud?
Caller1: No. They're just there.
Me: So are they causing a problem at all?
Caller1: No. Just a lot of people.
Me: Ok, no noise, no problem...
Caller1: Right. I just don't think they should have that many people at their house.
Me: I see. I'm sorry, that's not a 911 call....
Me: 911, what is your emergency?
Caller2: There's a guy sitting on the corner, and he's saying things to people.
Me (after getting the address and physical description of the person): So what did he say to you?
Caller2: He said "hey, how ya doing?"
Me: ... Ok, did he say anything else?
Caller2: No. He just said that and waved.
Me: Did he make any moves that made you feel unsafe?
Caller2: No, he was just sitting there.
Me: Ok
Caller2: I just think it's suspicious, you know? For him to just be sitting there, saying Hi to people as they pass by...
Me: 911, what's your emergency?
Caller3: I had a bad dream.
Me: Is there someone at home you can talk to?
Caller3: No, I live alone.
Me: Are you an adult?
Caller3: Yes, I'm 23.
Me: So you're calling because you had a bad dream?
Caller3: That's right.
Me: But you don't have a medical emergency, or fire or police emergency?
Caller3: No. I had a bad dream. I can't call my friend because my cell phone was disconnected because I didn't pay the bill and I can only call 911. Can you call my friend for me?
Me: Let me just make sure - you are 23 years old, you had a bad dream, and you called 911 so that we could call your friend for you?
Caller3: Yes.
Me: No.

Oh well, at least the UFO calls were all on Tuesday night :D


Jessica said...

Wow, some people are just too weird and stupid!

Grafted Branch said...

Oh, but wait! That 3rd call sounds familiar. I did that once!

I mean, I didn't call 911 after a bad dream...but I DID dial the number of a guy I had only had one date with so far. I was half asleep, didn't realize that I was dialing him and didn't even know I'd memorized his number!

And since I made such a big dork out of myself, I had to marry him. :)

Emmy said...

HAHA! some pretty weird calls!

Rebekah said...

lol, dont you just love your job? My latest was a guy that reported a man walking and talking on his cel phone

aka_Meritt said...

I swear my neighbors must be calling you. We live in a very nice neighborhood... but OH! The DRAMA! Do these people not have lives?

We have a neighborhood email that goes around (sent out by a busy body). I found yesterday they have called the police and 'warned' all the neighbors that there was a young man who rang a door bell and then walked away and waited in the street. The neighbors went out and demanded to know what they were doing? They said they were waiting for their ride to come... and soon a van came and picked the teen up.

AND THEY CALLED THE POLICE because he was waiting in the street outside their home.

Another called the police because someone had rang their neighbors doorbell and then waited, peeked in the side window next to the door and then shook their head and walked back to their car and left.

Yes... they called the police.

This email was "warning" us to be on the look out for people waiting for rides in our neighborhoods.

lori said...

LOL!!!!My goodness, what you have to go through.

Janean said...

OH my goodness! Too, too Funny!!
Thanks for sharing. I needed the giggle this morning. :D

Kristen said...

Oh.My.Word. That is unbelievable. What is wrong with people??!! Thanks for the great laugh.

C. H. Green said...

LOL. I used to be a PBX operator for a big hospital. One lady wanted me to run up to her dad's room and see if he was sleeping before I connected the call. Another called for an ambulance and she was screaming at the victim: Shut up! Just Shut up! If you can talk, you can breathe...

LOL oh the blog.