Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I am officially an idiot

Yes I am, don't argue with me.

Ok, so I'm pretty much useless when I'm not at work (and sometimes even when I am at work.) If I'm not sleeping, I'm wishing I was sleeping, and keeping on top of everyday life is just hard. I can't keep up with the laundry, let alone stuff like, ummm, vehicle maintenance. Yeah. THAT kind of idiot.

I got my car in February last year, so I've had it for almost a year. It's a 2005, so it's still under warranty and should be pretty much worry free as long as it's maintained, right? I keep thinking "it's about time to get an oil change, I need to take care of that." I've been thinking that for at LEAST 6 months. HA! So I decided that even if I can't get the oil changed right now, it's been a year, I'm sure adding a quart or two wouldn't hurt. I checked the car to see what kind of oil the manufacturer recommended, picked some up and yesterday before I picked the kids up, I did what I thought was a good thing and put some oil in the car. Lesson learned. Always check the levels before adding more! See, I told you I was an idiot! Too much oil... is a bad thing. Who knew? Pretty soon my poor lil car was sputtering and blowing smoke out the rear end (and it's not even a politician!) I thought it was better, but then the check engine light went on. Oh joy.

I just took it to get an oil change, and I've been assured that everything should be fine and the engine light is just an emissions things which should correct itself as the engine burns off the residue from the extra oil. And if not, then I should take it to a dealership and not mention my automotive maintenance skillz :P I feel... so dumb :P


Jessica said...

if it makes you feel any better, I put transmission fluid in my oil over the summer, luckily I didn't blow the engine!

Susie said...

Ooh, thanks for reminding me. I need an oil change ASAP. I wouldn't even know where to put the oil, so I go to a shop. Don't feel bad, at least it's fixable.

Janean said...

I won't argue with you, my long as you let me sit beside you under that dunce cap!
Because I've done SOoooo many goofy would NOT believe.
Of course, being OLD I can't remember any of them right now. I just know I have. So take my word for it. :D