Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Little Better

Maybe it was because I set a time frame for myself, that if I still hated dispatching in a month and wasn't doing well, I was going to go back to 911 - maybe having that knowledge that the stress wasn't going to go on indefinitely helped me relax enough that last night at work I did really well. I still made a lot of mistakes and asked a lot of questions, but I wasn't all stressed out and frustrated and ready to smash my headset to smithereens. This is a good thing. It gave me some hope again that maybe I can do this. I also think praying the whole way to work helped too :)

So, I grounded DQ, my 15 year old, from the computer the other day for two weeks. Stuff I was asking to be done wasn't or not being done well. And she was being mouthy. It's usually the computer absorbing all of her attention. I got up just a bit ago to go pick up the 17 year old from work, and guess where I found DQ - On the computer! This is the first time I've had one of my teenagers be that deliberately defiant. This parenting teenager stuf is HARD! And unlike dispatch training at work, I can't give this a month to get better! I figure this next month is either going to cure her of her defiant ways or make her rebel more, but I've extended it to a month that she's not allowed on the computer, and I've added passwords to all ways she could get on our home computer. I guess with 5 kids, I shouldn't expect smooth sailing all the way, huh?


aka_Meritt said...

You caught on quick though! I was going to suggest changing the password that hooks up to the internet and the password to get ON the computer. LOL.

Jessica said...

Good luck with DQ, hopefully the passwords will keep her off!

Grafted Branch said...

But Scahlett! I don't know 'nuthin' 'bout tamin' no teenagers!

But the Lord does. And He is soooo faithful! Draw near, hold fast. God bless you, Connie.

Janean said...

You're doing an awesome job, girlfriend! I'm proud of you! It would be so easy just to let them go do what they want to do. It is harder to lay down the rules and enforce them. But you are doing what you know is best.