Thursday, February 15, 2007

Little Update

I've been kind of quiet because, guess what? I'm sick again! GRRRR! The bronchitis is back with a vengeance! I've toughed it out at work, but tonight is my night off so I hauled my sorry carcass to the doctor again today and got some different antibiotics, and an inhaler this time. It's so bad, she asked me "Are you sure you don't have asthma?" The inhaler makes me all shaky and woozy, even if it does help me breathe better. I'm not sure which I like better - being able to breathe, or having my wits about me!

Training is going a LOT better. I may actually be able to do this. Still not sure if I'll like it very much, but I feel... capable. It's a good feeling. Monday night my trainer sat there and played her Nintendo DS all night, and then said "I know you're doing a lot better, I got really far on Super Mario!" Hmmm, ok! And my friend, the one they gave 2 weeks to improve, ended up getting a different trainer. I'm happy he's still trying.

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