Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday Randomness, mostly work stuff

This week has gone a lot better with dispatch training. I'm still making some mistakes but much more relaxed about it and I've been quicker to recongize them and fix them on my own. My trainer really is great and she thinks I can do it... so I stick with it. One of my coworkers who was in the dispatch training class with me is feeling a little more discouraged. His trainer and their supervisor told him that he's got two weeks to improve, and if not then he's back in 911. I feel so bad because I know he really wants to do dispatch, and he's just a really nice guy. There are a few other of my classmates that are struggling, and a few that have already completed training.

Tonight though, I get a break. Instead of going to the communications bureau, I get to go on another ride along with an officer. We have to set goals every year for our evaluations and a common one is to ask for a ride along. New and different goals are tough! So at my last evaluation last April, I asked to go for a ride in our busiest and highest crime area. Bad things happen all over, but more happens in this precinct than the other five. So hopefully even though I'm going on 3rd shift, it will be busy enough to be interesting. I'm not afraid (even though I refer to that area as Scaryvale!) I just hope we have more to do than drive up and down the street running plates all night :) Next time, I'm going to ask to go on a ride with the police helicopter!

When I was growing up in Ohio, I dreamed of owning a citrus tree. I couldn't imagine living in a place where orange trees grew, because all we seemed to have was apples, pears, and the occasional cherry tree. Oranges were my absolute favorite fruit, and I really just wanted an orange tree. Now I have one! I have to say, one of the things I adore about Arizona is the citrus trees. They look nice, and I love the fruit. Today as I was leaving work, there was a table by the door with a huge bag of lemons with a sign that said "help yourself." So I grabbed a few. All the way home I could smell the lemons and it was so nice. This may sound weird, but as I was driving past the (dry) river with an excellent view of the rising sun, it was one of those moments that reminded me that God loves us. He created sights, sounds and smells for us to enjoy, and I'm so thankful for that.

I'm happy to report DQ has had an attitude adjustment (she's still grounded from the computer though!) and Snugglebutt is doing better and trying very hard to behave in school. He's had a bunch of good days in a row.

More Slightly Amusing Kidstuff (SAK):
We had stopped at the store for milk, and Sassy and Snugglebutt asked to get those little containers of chocolate milk. It was right after school and they were thirsty, so I agreed. On our way out, this older lady stopped me and asked me if I knew where the nearest post office was, then she said to Snugglebutt "If you drink that chocolate milk, you'll turn brown!" Snugglebutt, in his most serious voice said to the lady "That's just a chance I'll have to take."

And my Sassy told me just a bit ago that books are her life. I could take away food and water, but not books. She said "If someone shot me, as long as I had a book, I'd survive." Somehow I have a feeling this daughter of mine will one day write some books of her own :)


Rebekah said...

I love ride alongs. Kids are the greatest (and most challenging) gifts in life.

HotRodHanna said...

Kids say the funniest things. Too bad there isn't a quick and easy way to record their facial expressions when they say things like that out of the blue. Thanks for sharing. :)