Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I forgot! Another kid funny!

Ok so after the lunch with ALC and Sassy scheming to go all Thelma and Louise, just a little nicer of course, we were walking to the video game store across the shopping center, and Sassy and Snugglebutt got into a bit of a tiff about the amount of brothers and sisters they have. Snugglebutt insisted he has 4 brothers. The 17 year old, his two half brothers that moved out of state with their mom after my ex-husband was arrested, and.... we couldn't figure out who his other brother is, and you would think I'd know about another brother, right?! So then Snugglebutt looked at us like were were simply MAD, and said "Have you forgotten about my clone?!?"

Snugglebutt and a Mini-me, what a scary thought that is!


Jessica said...

oh dear! A clone!! How cute!

Brenda said...

LOL. Which one's the nice one?