Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Blast from the past

Yesterday was one of those freaky days. I got off work, got home, went inside to put my work stuff inside and round up the kids to take them to school, and discovered that I left the keys in the ignition when I went inside. Yeah, I did, and then I closed the door. Apparently in some cars, like mine, when you do that, the doors automatically lock. I don't know what brainiac thought that feature up, but, when you only have one key, it presents a problem! $65 and an hour and a half later, I dropped my kids off at school. Yes, I had to drive them all to school instead of having the youngers get a bus to their school from the big kids school. 12.5 miles one way. So lets add in the cost of the gas at almost $3 a gallon. And then I got reamed out by the school secretary for the unexcused absence. Yeah, what was I supposed to do, let them walk?! My kids are NEVER late, the one time they are, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

Only I did. I had a really hard time sleeping when I finally got home. And then I woke up too early.

And then after I picked the kids up from school, I had a voice mail message that really threw me for a loop. It was from the FBI agent that knocked on our door March 1st, 2004. Of all the people I never expected to hear from ever in my life again, she was definitely one of them. That day in March 2004, she was very kind to me, and I remember leaving her a voice mail a couple weeks later thanking her for helping my daughter. When I called her back, she did have another reason for calling, which I can't go into at this point, but it was an interesting conversation. The first thing she said was that she had thought of us off and on over the past three years and wondered how we were doing. I was amazed at the details of that day that she remembered that I didn't think she would. I figured it was just another day on the job, but apparently our case stuck with her. She also told me something I didn't know. I assumed that since they swooped down on us the way they did, they had a solid case against my ex-husband from the beginning. I was wrong. When they contacted me that day, they had nothing for which they could arrest him. No direct evidence or witnesses, only beliefs, suspicions and a print out of a chat log that they were able to trace to my house. She said that without my help and cooperation, they wouldn't have been able to arrest him that day. Somehow, I'm really glad to know that.

Didn't make sleeping any easier the rest of the day, but... :)


aka_Meritt said...

I would lose sleep too - just having that issue all come up again. But why in the world would she call you THREE YEARS later?

Gah! I'd just want it all to 'go away' at this point I guess. Never want to see or hear from them again. Yes... I'd lose sleep too.

Michelle said...

Interesting that this case stuck with her. I would think like you that it was just one of many . .
well, blessings on you!

Grafted Branch said...

What in the world? Did she have some new business with you, or is she -- unbeknownst to even her -- in need of your Heavenly testimony?

Get some sleep, Connie...


Julie said...

Oh Connie,
I'm sorry about the stupid car lock...obviously there are times when engineers simply do not think!

And girl, you did the right thing helping out the FBI.

Praying that you sleep tight...

Janean said...

Last year my kids had to be to school by 7:55. The second week of school I got a form letter from the office "it is important to your children's education that they arrive on time...please sign this and send it back". So I got a big guilt trip, apologized all over the place, signed and returned it.
The other 20 I got over the course of the school year were round-filed! It was a tough year and I didn't need that added stress.
Don't let her get to you. You are doing the best you can!
I learned some things from the investigators in our case...but none of them made me feel better. I'm glad you have a bright spot and an opportunity to do some good.
"What Satan means for our destruction, God turns to good if we let Him!!"