Thursday, April 05, 2007

The calendar says Thursday but I have my doubts!

I think it's really just Monday in Thursday's clothing! And it's been Monday for a little over a week!

~ Last Tuesday - I was supposed to have jury duty, it was part of the reason I rescheduled my vacation. I didn't want to have to go to jury duty, get no sleep, and then go to work that night (they were willing to give me one night off for it, not both.) So but I'm an airhead, and I forgot to call the night before to verify whether I was supposed to be there or not. I dropped my kids off at my friend's house, went down town, and as I was looking at the instruction sheet for parking sugguestions, I saw "Please call the night before your scheduled date..." GASP! I called quickly, and sure enough, it had been cancelled! I got up early on my vacation for nothing! :P

~ Last Wednesday - Kids were still on spring break so we decided to go do something fun. We went to the outlet mall. We went out for lunch on the way. Since I had onion breath after lunch, I accepted the chewing gum my 15 year old offered. BAD IDEA. I was chewing at one point and bit down on something hard and loose - ummm, I lost a crown. UGH. Thank goodness for dental insurance, but still...

~ Monday was truly Monday. With the keys locked in the car and the lady at the school on the first day back after spring break, and the FBI agent (although what she had to say was very good. Still can't divulge though!) and the not nearly enough sleep.

~ Tuesday wasn't so bad for me, but it stressed out my 17 year old horribly. A friend of his broke up with his girlfriend and has been down in the dumps ever since. I have to say at times like this, I really appreciate my son's committment to not date at this stage in his life. And then after I went to work, the toilet overflowed. He did his very best to unclog it, but that led to Wednesday...

~ Now Wednesday was really Monday. I had communication issues with both teenagers regarding when they would be where for me to pick them up, and on a lack of sleep, that makes me very crabby. But we finally got that mess straightened out, and when the 17 year old came home, the toilet overflowed again. I guess it just doesn't like him. He tried using the plunger, he tried the small snake I have, and when that didn't work, he called one of our friends who is in the construction business. Our friend told him about the clean out pipes that are on the roof, and that he should climb up there and snake from there. So, that's exactly what my son did. Only he had the wrong clean out pipe. And the snake wasn't long enough. Nor was it securely fastened to the little handle thing. Yeah. The long metal snake part is now in the clean out pipe. I suppose I'm going to have to get a plumber to get it out, and probably deal with the toilet that keeps overflowing. Ugh. I did make sure it being there wouldn't affect flushing the one working toilet we have, and the plumber I spoke to assured me there would be no problem. But even though I was sooo tired, after that whole mess, I was to wound up for my usual nap before work.

~ Today, Thursday that is really Monday in disguise, was the 2nd of quite a few dental appointments to fix this crown. Ugh and ow, that's all I have to say about that! And I found out my oldest daughter, the almost 22 year old "I'm-An-Adult-And-Can-Do-What-I-Want" is making some not so wise choices as to who she hangs out with. I can't go into it, but please pray if you think about it. I just pray she will become the responsible person I know she will eventually be before she does something that will make the rest of her life really hard.

But God is still God and still in control, which is enough to cure any Monday. Even though I'm going to have to pay for the plumber and the crown, I have the income tax refund (that I hoped to spend in other ways - but that's life!) I've got some overtime coming up at work (yay! Time and a half!) and my yearly review is at the end of April (yay! a raise!) AND they are even letting me train new 911 operators, so that's an extra 5% for the times I am training. And my kids are God's kids too, and while I know He won't always protect them from making mistakes, I know He's always there to help them pick up the pieces.

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Rebekah said...

My heart goes out to you... I hate weeks like that. ICK