Monday, April 16, 2007

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most...

I believe working nights is slowly destroying brain cells, and it's starting to scare me. I've always been borderline airhead, and organized has never been a word one would use to describe me. I am the illustration of the saying "I finally got it all together, but I forgot where I put it." But it's getting worse! I frequently forget a lot of stuff, such as trash day, or due dates for permission slips for field trips for the kids, and appointments, let's not even go there. I frequently tell my kids things and they say "but Mom, you already told me that," and I could swear they are mistaken. I've been starting to worry more and more about this forgetfulness. I was somewhat concerned a couple weeks ago when I was making scrambled eggs, and reached for the pepper, but grabbed the dried basil instead. That's bad enough, but then I stood there for a moment and wondered why the pepper looked so funny. But after my discovery yesterday, I'm scared for my mental health. Now, this may fall under the TMI category, maybe even WAY TMI, so forgive me if this is way more than you ever wanted to know about me. See, last night before going to work, I woke up and my armpits were a little itchy. So I went to scratch them, and discovered they itched because they had been freshly relieved of hair growth. The thing is, I don't remember shaving my pits recently. It's not something I do every time I shower, because well, there's no man in my life and nobody ever sees them but me. And a little hair doesn't bother me. Itching does. So it's sometimes a week or two in between pit hair removal, especially if it's not hot outside. The point is, it's not something I do on autopilot like brush my teeth or wash my hair. I have found myself in the middle of a shower, unsure whether or not I've actually put shampoo on my head, but that doesn't bother me. I do it without thinking. Shaving is not something I do without thinking. So I have no idea how my armpits got shaved. Either I'm losing my mind, or someone sneaked into my bathroom and shaved my pits while I wasn't looking. I hope it's the former, I really do, because the latter is just creepy ;)


Rebekah said...

LOL, yes I remember the '3rd shift fog'. I too have stood in the shower and wondered if I washed my hair. I actually shaved one leg and not the other.... and then wore shorts!! Duh. My prayers to you for a clear head :)

Janean said...

It's ok, hon! I'll take care of you.
Seriously, I totally understand! In the height of my B12 anemia, I could not remember where my children were at any given point in the day with out stopping and CONCENTRATING. Eeek!

Julie said...

If it's any consolation, I my brain is foggy quite often, I forget things, can't find things, don't remember saying things...and I DON'T work (outside the home).

Sigh. I'm 45, so it can't be that I'm MUST be hormones??

You were probably just on 'auto pilot' and didn't realize it.