Thursday, April 19, 2007

So proud

Recently my kids' school had a Coffee House night, where they raised money for AIDS/HIV research. It was such a fun night! My two teenagers participated, and one of my son's friend taped my 17 year old son's monologue that he performed. He also wrote a couple other pieces, which both moved me to tears, and not just because my kid wrote them. I am constantly amazed at the talent this kid has, and thankful and humbled that God let me be part of his life. Here is the video, it's not real loud so turn your speakers up.


Janean said...

WOW. He is very articulate. Most 17 yo guys I know can barely spell their names for all the hormones rushing around in their brains. He is a talented young SHOULD be proud! :D

Julie said...

I hit "Play" but it doesn't. Sorry! I sooo wanted to see your son!

Connie said...

Julie, you should be able to click on it somewhere and have it go to the google page to play the video. If you do that, it's got an explaination of where that piece is from.